Russel, I have no idea what the current mayor stands …

Comment on How the new counting system may give us a more diverse town council by Jason.

I have no idea what the current mayor stands for, because he never talks about issues and has run only on spin and ceremony. At least the others have been willing to take a position and wear criticism. They are already stronger candidates for that alone. At least you know where they stand.
In regards to alcohol policy, I think you preach a lot of nonsense. I work in Alice and Tennant Creek, where alcohol consumption is much worse. Prohibition does not work. It does nothing to correct behavior and does nothing to help those who are addicted to alcohol whose bodies crave and need it. Rehabilitating people is the only way.
Too fast we remove people’s own responsibilities for their own lives. These people choose to drink! Sure there are a lot reasons that need to be fixed to help them make their decisions better, but even you said it, it’s their LEGAL right to do so. The current restrictions already go against our country’s constitution and deprive the greater community of some of there civil rights. If it wasn’t social suicide someone would have already challenged them.
We parade alcohol campaigners and restrictions around like they have made some great achievement, yet the youth have never been more at risk and the indigenous people have never been less engaged. We recently had a campaigner recognized at a national stage for their work in Tennant, yet if you ask long term people in TC both white and black, they are loathed and seen as someone who has done huge damage and created a social divide.
Why are we so powerful and knowledgeable to tell people what they can and can’t do if it’s legal? How do indigenous people ever get treated as equal if we constantly think we know how to better manage their lives. Your whole thought process is flawed and elitist.

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How the new counting system may give us a more diverse town council
Sean and Russell,
You guys are crazy. Agree with Steve or Eli or not makes no difference. They have both done more for Alice by at least starting conversations on the tough issues. At least they create the debate that we all then discuss. Whether you agree with a youth curfew or not doesn’t matter, at least Eli has us all talking about youth issues. I don’t agree with a curfew but as a youth worker, I’m over the moon that someone is at least willing to talk about it.
It’s Damien’s willingness to push everything into confidential and cover things up that has crippled the town. How can anybody deny the decline is Alice since his appointment as Mayor?
Alice has felt it in its economy, its tourism and its very social fabric.

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Town council: tiger or doormat?
Councils don’t seem to carry the same objectives they once did and now seem pre occupied playing around in non core activies and looking for awards rather than servicing or promoting their townships. So many NT councils are guilty of this.
With the pipeline they missed the most basic a simple thing the council should have looked to do and as you well know we did in TC and Mt Isa: We went continually and knocked on doors and said pick us!
We wrote to all proponents over and over, we got them to meetings, we educated our town’s folks and we fought for our future.
During this time we never heard boo from Alice Springs. The Alice Springs Town Council should have – could have – held information sessions and a whole lot of public events to fight for such a large project.
They had a sit on their hands attitude and got a sit on their hands results for my mind.

Price gouging could threaten future of Masters Games, says Cr Melky
I agree with Eli, and can proudly stand up and say our business offered all of our accommodation at the same price it is all year. But certianly the practice is widespread as Eli has outlined.

Price matters
I agree with Rex and think that the graph and figures above need to be questioned heavily. Consumption cannot be measured and these figures are not correctly gathered.

I will use my venue here in Tennant Creek as the prime example. Because our restaurant does varying and minimal amount of alcohol sales, I don’t purchase my grog from a major supplier. Instead I share the sales equally between the Headframe, TCH and Goldfield hotels.

So each time I make a purchase from those venues, they are listed as a takeaway sale and hence adds to the TC consumption figures. Yet the items then sit on my shelf for a further period and haven’t been used at all. When I then sell the product, it is now actually consumed and listed for a second time. This happens within the township here with multiple venues, and also in Alice Springs.

So every sale I make over the counter is being registered for a second time and inflating the figures. Add in the fact that many hotels also supply the surrounding stations and sporting clubs and soon the figures are anything but reliable.

It is a silly idea that we can measure the amount of alcohol consumed. While PAAC might have the right ideals at heart, the use of iffy at best data, being slanted to support their argument, is nothing more than propaganda, which really only makes them easier to ignore.

After years of under-achieving, tourism promoters say they are getting cracking
Chuck up some links and I would love to read your thoughts.

Grog stats may be useless as they do not include online and mail orders
For the umpteenth time, how many members are there in the PAAC and why is the organization never willing to provide even a rough idea of its true representation or size??

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