Spare the pity, you defamed someone, you published an untruth. …

Comment on Alice Springs News loses defamation case by John Barnes.

Spare the pity, you defamed someone, you published an untruth. You chose to represent yourself and you still believe you are the victim. It may be the first time in 50 years you have come across someone with the balls and capacity to take you on and take the risk of following the matter through. I am sure there are a few people at the Institute of Aboriginal Development (IAD) who would have liked to have had the money to take you on.
Stop your bleating, accept you were in the wrong and get on with life. Everyone makes mistakes, but only a few are man enough to put their hand up and admit it.

[ED – Mr Barnes is invited to explain what he is talking about in relation to IAD. We always seek to report all sides of a story and to offer right of reply. Our pages are and always have been open to reader comment, including comment critical of our performance. It is up to readers to avail themselves of these opportunities, and plenty of them do. We have also extensively covered the productions of the IAD’s publishing arm.]

Recent Comments by John Barnes

Minister’s planning decision flies in the face of Alice locals
Hal I hope the Alice Springs Town Council does sell off a couple of the parks but reinvests the money into improving the remaining parks. If you look at the Spearwood Rd / Mallam Cres / Kilgarrif Cres area you have parks in Reiff Ct, Laver Ct and at the end of the Laver Ct laneway on Spearwood Rd. Surely the local community would be best served by the park on the main road, Spearwood Rd being sold off for housing and the two remaining parks, Reiff Ct and Laver Ct, being upgraded and better maintained. You also have substantial school ovals in the immediate proximity. As a Sadadeen resident I would rather see that occur than have all three parks poorly maintained.
National housing trends are to smaller allotments as people no longer want the quarter acres block. Courtyard developments are becoming the norm, perhaps it is time for our planners to update the parameters under which the town is scheduled to expand, then when they make decisions in the best interest of the expansion of the town it won’t come a disappointment to some in the community.

Minister’s planning decision flies in the face of Alice locals
Hal, I support your thoughts and comments. Have they converted the Drivein site to units rather than small freehold allotments which was the original proposal? As our town grows things will change. We no longer tie our horses up when we go the the shop. Mission brown is not used on any new dwelling and our block sizes are getting smaller. We even have 3D colour TV, who would have thought. Next someone will walk on the moon!

Memo Club suspends trading, goes into voluntary administration. Town & Country to close tomorrow.
Bob Durnan your comments are offensive and show an absolute lack of understanding of what is happening in this town at present. The Memo at its last AGM posted financial reports that indicated it was not trading well and the T and C has seen its patronage decline as the social issues in the town increase. If you live in this town open your eyes and see what is going on but reading your comments it concerns me you may be an adviser to the NT Government and that is why this town is declining at the rate it is. Leave to conspiracy theories to the Alice News.
[ED – Mr Barnes is invited to substantiate his allegations.]

INPEX hype: big is not better for the NT
Well if the Alice News can find a negative it will. Chicken Little has nothing on the Alice News. Luckily it’s no longer distributed to the township and only a few who bother to log on will be depressed by the conspiracy theories you continue to peddle. Please keep this story and look back in five and 10 years and see how far off the mark you and Prof Gerritsen are. Perhaps it’s time to head back to Europe where you have plenty of negative stories to write and leave this great Territory to prosper.
ED – You’re in good company logging on to the Alice Springs News Online. In the last 30 days we had 13,675 visits, 6338 unique visitors, 31,249 page views, 36% new visitors and an increase in traffic of 10% plus each month since going online exclusively. Next time you want to make assumptions about our readership feel free to get the facts from me first. And by the way, Central Australia, not Europe, is my home.

LETTERS: Dr Boffa honoured. Offer in Todd Mall: Want a girl? How many generations, Steve? And the bicycle track’s missing link.
Mr Pecorari, to quote Pauline Hansen, “please explain” your claim that Steve Brown is part of the “selfish minority”. I would suggest he is part of the majority, and you, Mr Pecorari, and the 250 others are part of the minority when you consider 250-300 out of a town of 27,500. You do the maths.

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