Erwin and Kieran, Remember yesterday’s judgement was only a judgement at …

Comment on Alice Springs News loses defamation case by Murray and Brigida Stewart.

Erwin and Kieran,
Remember yesterday’s judgement was only a judgement at law. The moral condemnation falls with those who brought this case in the first place. You went in to battle for the battlers now it is time for us to go into battle for you. We should not stand aside and see your family hurt any further. To the party who no doubt uncorked a bottle of champagne last night, you may like to spare a thought for the unfortunate families who still are unable to properly furnish their Carey homes or who can’t even buy decent curtains for their windows. I think of one party in particular who has had to borrow against their superannuation just to survive. With these thoughts in mind, I would invite people who echo this thinking to contact me (Murray) so we can begin the process of righting the unjust: Tel 0407 256 428 or email

Recent Comments by Murray and Brigida Stewart

Price family were sole complainants against Cocking & Satour 
Sounds like council is one happy family (not)

On again: skateboarding in the mall to be trialled
I begin my contribution to this debate by referring to Mr Thorns comments that I should accept last Monday’s results as I voted to allow cars into the mall.
I have, as a vision impaired person of 50 years, who has to become an expert in navigating around all sorts of obstructions and impediments in order to travel from point A to B, there is a very big difference between the ordered and controlled manner in which vehicles travel as opposed to the extremely haphazard nature of adrenalin charged teenagers on skateboards.
It is almost impossible for me to explain it, except to say that if Mr Thorn had to live it on a daily basis, he would truly understand.
In moving to this wonderful town in 2001, I have always been amazed by its easily accessible nature for someone such as myself.
Monday’s decision has changed this scenario dramatically.
Unlike Melbourne with its many suburbs and a plethora of retail options, Alice Springs has only one CBD and only one Mall. Monday’s decision has effectively ensured that someone such as myself, through the natural perceived fear response, which is a common sense protective mechanism built within most totally blind people, has been denied independent access to this one Mall.
What is also most concerning is that despite my openness throughout all my years to the views of young people, the adult drivers of Monday’s motion ensured that the views of people such as myself were not heard by their young chargers.
The Alice Springs Town Council has made much of their 5.30pm open forum as being a new, modern and transparent way of doing business, and yet having been invited to attend this open forum before the meeting and vote, I was informed that it was now a closed meeting to Matt Day and the skateboarders only.
Yes, Matt and Cr Paech may be articulate but they have most definitely shredded democracy in this process.
As a family man and a person who has worked tirelessly to provide sport and recreational opportunities to young people, I have a greater respect for young people’s awareness in their understanding of the challenges that confront other sectors of the community.
I am therefore very certain, had the proponents of this motion allowed us to share open dialogue about our mutual concerns, a very different compromise would have been arrived at, for example the very inventive use of some of our recreational reserves and cycleways referenced by Councillors at Monday night’s meeting.
In my time on Council, I would like to think I built up a bank of very good will with both the seniors and the disabled community.
Echoing this, many people have contacted me since this vote. I have assured them that I will not let them down – stay tuned.

Massive fuel price savings not passed on to Alice motorists
Locals in the center will know that I have been beating the drum about the obvious fuel rip-off for some time. The fact that across the nation motorists are benefiting from an 18 month low in fuel prices, all except for us in the NT, brings my frustration up to a new high. My sincere word of warning to those who are currently profiteering from hard working Northern Territorians is this: Unless I see a significant shift downwards in fuel prices within a week, I will ask Territorians to join me in a very public campaign which will out those responsible.
Yes, I do have a strategy in mind which hopefully I will not have to outline. My appeal to the industry is, give Territorians and our economy an even break.

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