I second that. If we want representation of the Alice …

Comment on Mayor’s challengers take shots at one another by Jason Quin.

I second that. If we want representation of the Alice Springs community, then tune into Hal’s link and seriously consider this pitch for council. We are living in times where change is accelerating and a forward looking team in council is essential. Simply focusing on law and order shows political myopia.

Recent Comments by Jason Quin

The day the funding died …
Thanks to the Alice Springs News for reporting this gathering, as part of a global action to show that the world is watching what’s happening in Paris.
That said, I think to suggest ALEC has reinvented itself as a result of funding cuts undervalues the longstanding success and resolve of the organisation, irrespective of where the money comes from.
ALEC has a bright, sustainable future, at the heart of Australia’s solar capital.

Gas the “glittering prize” but fracking worries some
It is very encouraging to hear the head of the Mines Department believes we should “do more science”.
Though I might suggest concerns, and “science”, should be directed at the risks of contamination, as well as extravagant private use of a common resource.
However, I find it deeply concerning that faced with an ever growing number of jurisdictions raising the thresholds for this form of extractive industry, Mr Kelly has signalled his belief that evidence and experience from other regions is suspect.
When we assess risks and consequences for the future, we should draw on evidence and “science”, rather than PR to “reassure” the public.

Licensing red tape cut, council told
Thanks for the update Erwin. I’ll echo the concerns about increased takeaway licences, but really it’s the previous comment that surprised me most.
Good architecture and passive cooling / heating should be the norm, not poor design and imprudent energy usage, wherever you live, especially if it’s somewhere between now and the future.

Small is good in boosting Alice economy
Good work Jimmy.
Experience and expertise tells us that Alice Springs is beholden to decisions and investment made far from Central Australia. With a long and strong history of ingenuity and innovation, supporting the growth of the local economy and its entrepreneurs will be the best strategy for a resilient future.

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the tip …
Insightful and inciteful commentary, thanks Kieran. Alice Springs is unique in its creative and artistic energy, its melding of influences and talents, the more we celebrate this, the more we nurture its growth.

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