Mayor Ryan was on CAAMA talking about how the pool …

Comment on Leaked letter casts light on town council pool fiasco by Norm Biggs.

Mayor Ryan was on CAAMA talking about how the pool is his greatest achievement!
For once I agree with Mr Brown. If this is true and the council is using our rate money, we deserve to know. Will watch with interest, perhaps I made up my mind too soon. Just shows all pollies hide things, no matter what level.

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The Y withdraws from town pool management
How interesting that this has occurred AFTER the council elections? It would seem this should have occurred much earlier. Well done Alice Springs News too on bringing this story to light in the first place. I get the feeling many wanted it to remain hidden.

Power struggle on Town Council: a sign of things to come?
The way this gang of four stuff is reported makes me last.
No one seems to want to mention that we also have a gang of 5 all in bed together? And that we even had a gang of seven on election day all putting the Law and Order guys last. So really both sides played the same game.
And what happened last night is great, those who choose to support the mayor should be those now stepping up to the plate. Perhaps it would seem they didn’t think getting on the council would actually mean doing something. How concerning.

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