Didn’t read all of Rawnsley’s response but thought I had …

Comment on Leaked letter casts light on town council pool fiasco by Harold Albatross.

Didn’t read all of Rawnsley’s response but thought I had managed to gather the general gist.
This is not about confidentiality. It is about a public tender that was legitimately won by the YMCA. It is about the winning tenderer not being able to supply the service promised under that tender. It is about the council being open and honest and advising ratepayers of the issue. It is about this being swept under the carpet while an election is imminent.
There is no “commercial in confidence” about this. YMCA have failed. Council need to re-tender the contract. Imagine having missed out on this contract because you tendered $20k too much and then finding out that the successful tenderer ends up costing over $100k more.
Council is not necessarily at fault in the awarding of the tender, but covering up the failure of the successful tenderer is unacceptable.
Hard to have confidence in current council and executive management team.

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Power struggle on Town Council: a sign of things to come?
Russell, I didn’t put words in your mouth. I quoted you directly. You may consider that Alice Springs doesn’t have alcohol restrictions simply because they are not at the the level or type you wish them to be. But surely you cannot deny that we already have reduced take-away hours, ID card scanning, a banned register and limited outlets on Sundays. You stated that our consumption is still high and climbing. Whether you like it or not, these are restrictions and in your own words have not achieved a reduction in consumption.
The issues in Newcastle have nothing to do with this discussion. They did not relate to take-away alcohol, but rather the anti-social behaviour occurring when pub / club customers were moving / loitering between licensed establishments in the early hours of the morning. This is not an issue in Alice Springs at present and if you took the time to get down from your soapbox, then that would be bleedingly obvious to you.
From my perspective, I would have thought the greatest alcohol related issue in Alice Springs is the habitual alcoholics who do nothing other than drink themselves into early graves. You may not be aware, but this group of people generally do not generate enough discretionary income to fulfill their total alcohol needs. I would suggest that this is why reduced take-away trading hasn’t really impacted on total consumption. So what would be the result of removing another 8 hours by having a take-away free day? I’d suggest it’s likely that there will still be enough hours in the week for alcoholics to extinguish their discretionary income and therefore have little to no impact on total consumption.
What concerns me and why I respond to prohibitionists, is that if removing a take-away day has no impact, you are likely to continue to press ahead with the same agenda regardless. Next it will be 2 and then 3. Where will it stop.

Power struggle on Town Council: a sign of things to come?
Finally, Russell has hit the nail on the head: “Alice has twice the national consumption of grog and climbing if the online quantity is added.” We have already reduced our take-away outlet trading hours and according to you the gap is apparently ever widening. So we now both accept that restriction hasn’t really achieved anything. Thanks for putting it so succinctly, it really is appreciated. That dead horse you’ve been flogging can finally rest in peace.

Port Augusta’s Mayor: When softly-softly diplomacy isn’t enough to get a town out of the morass
I think the most important difference in Port Augusta’s approach is that they don’t seem too concerned about where the problem shifts to as long as it isn’t within their area of control. They have provided a centre within the town where they can provide support for affected individuals. So it doesn’t appear to be a completely heartless approach.
Our town council cannot control what occurs outside of its jurisdiction. That is the responsibility of the other councils and the two higher levels of government.
We deal with our problems and they deal with theirs. I just can’t see any other way for our council to successfully approach our issues.

How the new counting system may give us a more diverse town council
You seem to be using lack of support for further alcohol restrictions as reason for not supporting some of the mayoral candidates. For the life of me, I cannot recall the current Mayor coming out in strong support of further restrictions. If this is the case, I presume that he won’t be getting your vote either. That leaves a pretty slim field for you. Or maybe, the current mayor does support further alcohol restrictions. I’m sure there’s a lot of local issues that they guy is passionate about. It’s just that we never hear of them.

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