Hal and others of the same mindset: I would like some …

Comment on The Devil’s Big Day Out by Steve.

Hal and others of the same mindset:
I would like some more of your thoughts on the takeaway free concept. As I see and understand takeaway free days, it is only a bandage for the problem of alcoholism in the same way that strict law and order is, it doesn’t truly address the underlying causes. It only temporarily restricts users from obtaining the substance.
Let’s say, for example, if the takeaway free scheme works, where does the town go from there? Three days a week takeaway free? Total prohibition?
I do not, as some have accused me of, entirely believe that the rights of the individual trump the “collective good.” But, I do feel mighty strong that before law abiding citizens sacrifice their freedoms there should be a well planned and reasoned plan in place. Remember, once you give away your liberties, you don’t get them back.

Recent Comments by Steve

Booze and parties: August 25 crunch time
If alcohol regulations are the solution to the problem, then why do all other major Australian cities with less alcohol regulation have fewer problems per capita than Alice?
Russ, call your numbers “evidence-based” all you want, but know that anyone with half a brain could produce reputable statistics to dispute any numbers you provide. Statistics in and of themselves aren’t omnipotent. You can’t seem to grasp the distinction between correlation and causation.
As someone with experience in social research, your arguments offend basic sensibilities. In addition to citing useless numbers, you refuse to consider historical precedent in countries where temperance and prohibition movements have become public policy. If alcohol was truly the root of all evil, as you spend your time preaching, shouldn’t the Middle Eastern countries with complete prohibition be a utopia?

Alice Springs’ ebbing iconic charisma
Why do tax payers stand for their money to be redistributed with the likely outcome of purchasing alcohol?
Why are violent offenders still able collect government welfare which would presumably contribute to their underlying issues?
While I don’t necessarily oppose some limited restrictions, I don’t see why solutions such as these aren’t considered on a national or state level.

Council poll: Law & order candidates and alcohol restriction opponents top councillor poll, could threaten Mayor
@ Russell, Ian and Hal
I chose not to include my last name to maintain a separation between my political convictions and my professional and social relationships. Since I am not running for office, citing personal experience as proof of my arguments or blindly sniping at others who disagree with me I think I am entitled to my privacy.
My first comment on this site was to spark a conversation with Russell. I was not the one who began the condescending talk. I respect Hal’s views and have used this forum to ask for clarification and expansion for thoughts about his alcohol position.
Maybe I should just list Albatross, Kiwi, or any of the other “Last Names” that others use.

Council poll: Law & order candidates and alcohol restriction opponents top councillor poll, could threaten Mayor
Since you now see the desires of the community and still feel the need to lash out and even call the town’s “church elders, councillors, political leaders, Mums, Dads, business and binge drinkers of all ages” alcoholics, maybe you should go live with David Cameron in the UK.

Memo Club suspends trading, goes into voluntary administration. Town & Country to close tomorrow.
@ Russell the one trick pony.
Just wait until your advocated policies bring mass bootlegging and/or organized crime to town. You think alcoholics are fun … just wait. And maybe read up about American prohibition.

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