@ Hal. When I first worked with camels I asked the …

Comment on The Devil’s Big Day Out by Diana Whitehouse.

@ Hal.
When I first worked with camels I asked the cameleer about water consumption He replied: Water? I only drink coke mate.
Later on, our business supplied iced water to our tourist friends and regular customers, (black and white), every day for years. Well over 10,000 cups were used annually.
We did this as it was the right thing to do. The police thought we were nuts and even accused us of being grog-runners!
We knew that when Howard and Brough (June 2007), announced the Federal Intervention into our blackfellow friends that the Alice would not be a town worth living in five years hence.
The likes of Steve Brown would be happy to blame do-gooders like us but alas, life is not that simple is it Steve?
The Howard government must be held to account in terms of the decline of Alice Springs. Poor old Damien, the best we can say of his time is that he may have been a good mayor for good times.
You’ve gotta start asking the hard questions as Russell Guy is doing. The kids run the place and they they ain’t gonna give that power up tomorrow.
What will save the Alice from continual decline?
Not statehood John, to be sure.
A fine start would be to give your livers a break and drink 12 glasses of water every day.
Diana Whitehouse … and dear anon writers put your name.

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Nose-diving CBD: it happened on the 11th Council’s watch
@ Nose-diving CBD: It happened on the 11th Council’s watch.
Yep, great reporting Kieran and others in stimulating debate in what otherwise would have been a colourless council election.
Through your attempts to pursue the facts we MAY get an improved local administration.
May I say that one’s vote is a valuable thing.
Sad to see that Alice is not on Darwin’s radar. That is evidenced by poor turnout at the Alice Springs Town Council mayoral meeting.
Where is Karl Hampton? Ditto for the next (apparently CLP) Member for MacDonnell?
If things were going forward, shocking incidents like the bashing of a stalled car in broad daylight in Schwartz Crescent just would not occur.
That as most know, is a stone’s throw from where Kwementyaye Ryder was killed 25/07/09.
Hendo may have tossed in the towel but we have not.
Diana Whitehouse.

Is the town over all the talk?
@ Nose Hair posted March 23, 2012 at 10:46 am.
Yes Nose Hair it is a wonderful site. Are you a new student to the area? Look forward to more comment and perhaps your true name.
There are serious matters at hand and each day I wonder where are the valued inputs of old warhorses like Chris Tangey, Basil and Derek Schild?
Diana Whitehouse.

Is the town over all the talk?
@ Jason Newman, posted March 20, 2012 @ 5:17pm.
“My lord … The Northern Territory Government and the Alice Springs Town Council have let us down horribly over the past four years.”
Whilst your sentiments would find broad agreement in the Alice, it also misses by a country mile, the fundamental reason why Alice Springs is facing such a big social problem now.
Unlike the Alice Springs News, unlike the very popular Alison Anderson and others, our family has opposed the Federal Intervention from day one.
You cannot inflict such a divisive, permanent policy on towns with extremely fragile social fabrics and even dream of harmony in the long term.
The best thing about the June 2007 intervention was that it dumped rather promptly on the Howard regime.
To all the pro-intervention authorities who live in a state of denial about these devastating and wicked policies, it is not all doom and gloom.
What we create we can undo once we have seen the light. We just have to be humble enough to go back to basics.
For the Alice it’ll take a bigger backflip than the Cameco Angela Pamela fiasco and a whole lotta love and respect.
Diana Whitehouse

Memo Club suspends trading, goes into voluntary administration. Town & Country to close tomorrow.
@ Kevin Mudford 21/3/12 12:24 pm
Good on you Kevin, the Alice is too full of those who are so well paid that they have forgotten what it is like to get their hands dirty let alone actually talk with the people.
Bless you too for, dare I say, you are not part of the problem.
Diana Whitehouse.

Environment loser in container buy-back scheme starting next week?
@ 1.

A few too many I’s, Janet, ten too many to be exact.

Your sort of thinking is insular and myopic in the extreme. Just like your ASTC friends.

ASTC will only adopt new ideas if it can be presented as their own.

No wonder is it that current leadership has put Alice on the road to nowhere…


Diana Whitehouse.

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