Thanks Russel. Gratuitous. I Think not… I always read your comments with …

Comment on Memo Club suspends trading, goes into voluntary administration. Town & Country to close tomorrow. by Glad to be gone.

Thanks Russel.
Gratuitous. I Think not…
I always read your comments with great interest. I am referring to the town as a whole.
You seem fixated on the take away alcohol. This will not fix the issue. It may help but people will only find other ways to get it. You have said Quote “order on line”. What about the illegal trade. We would not have a clue how much is coming in from all over the country.
I will concede that the urban drift has certainly resulted in the demise of Alice Sprimgs I visited there in 1977 and found the town great but due to all its issues I would not recommend even visiting the town now. Just watch the news and you can see Alice Springs as it is.
My comments about the Federal Government and NT Government is an opinion. Tell me what influence they have had. Your examples will do nothing. The amount of tax payer money thrown at the issue and its achieved NOTHING. Take a good look – IT IS worse. People are leaving. Tourists are not returning and businesses are closing … and you come up with the take away problem … It’s more than that … Also have a look at comments by some well respected business people such as Phil Danby, Geoff Booth, Jason Adami and Jason Newman. Maybe people should be listening to these people.
The respect for other people’s property is non existent. Mr Adami’s comments about the kids roaming the streets. Fix that!
Then we have Tennant Creek. Big deal 11 people on the banned list. Do you honestly think that will do anything? I attended Tennant Creek fortnightly and again the crime in Tennant Creek was certainly getting worse. How much more crime occurs that is not reported.
I think its about time you had a real good look.
The way its going you still will be preaching the same stuff when the place is closed all together.
My time there I heard all this rhetoric and did anything happen. NO. The town actually went backwards.
When you have a substantial plan something other than “Thirsty Thursday” and you get others to help than maybe things could improve. I am not continuing our discussion any further (But I am sure you will.) But until you all work together NOTHING will change.
I will continue to read your soapbox reports as it actually gives me a good laugh.
Gratuitous Anonymous Glad to be Gone

Glad to be gone Also Commented

Memo Club suspends trading, goes into voluntary administration. Town & Country to close tomorrow.
This is a very sad time for Alice Springs. This will not be the last business to feel the strain of the demise of Alice Springs.
Whilst we must look at the management of the Club we must also look at the big picture. With Tiger leaving Alice Springs and Qantas charging a fortune to get in and out of Alice Springs certainly has caused some heartache. But you must also look at the terrible issues facing Alice Springs. The media coverage goes all over Australia and in some cases the world. If you continue to get the extremely bad publicity you will never get any one to visit Alice. The Town MUST put all their political and cultural differences aside and work together. BUT in my time in Alice I see this never happening. This issue has become too hard for every one. From Governments, Councils, Indigenous Organisations and individuals. There is blame being placed in every quarter. And they are right. Every one is to blame. And the other thing is that no one will listen to the other side’s view.
Well, it seems to me that not every one is right. There are good points in all quarters. I see a number of people quoting all sorts of facts and figures. These are useless if the main group does not want to help themselves. The other issue is now we have to be politically correct with these issues. Well, the time has come to make some tough decisions and I see no real leaders to do this. The council has been extremely weak. The NT government is non existent in Alice and of course we have a completely inept Federal Government. They are just throwing funds at the issue. In the mean time Alice will die a very slow and painful death. To see a Club like the memo go into receivership is disgusting and a real black mark on Alice.
How about you get together and honor the people who created this club as they are the ones who fought for your freedom.
I am pleased to have left Alice as I did the best I could do whilst there but felt the whole time you are just banging your head against a brick wall. It is now great to go out without feeling threatened and living in a normal place. I have not been asked for a ciggy or $5 since moving. IT IS GREAT.
I wish all the people there the best but unless you pull your heads in and work together I am sorry to say I see No Future there.

Recent Comments by Glad to be gone

Power struggle on Town Council: a sign of things to come?
Must say that Jason has hit the nail on the head. Having done business with Jason he is someone who does have a business brain and is someone who others should listen to.
All the rubbish about Thirsty Thursday is just that – Rubbish.
I have been involved in number crunching all my life and a set of figures will tell 10 different people 10 different things. Each one looking for their own answers to justify their thoughts. Unfortunately, that’s life.
[Re Editor’s note: We greatly appreciate the passionate and mostly well-informed debate on alcohol issues in which many of our readers have participated. All postings can be retrieved from our archive (use the on-site Google function). However, from now only facts and arguments on the subject not previously published will be considered for publication.]
Thanks. You may have a couple of repeat offenders who will have their noses out of joint.
I left Alice Springs to try to get a normal life. It is great now going out, enjoying a meal and feeling safe. And that’s Sydney. In Alice the crime and anti social behaviour has continued to get worse. I holidayed there as a kid and loved the place but with all the urban drift and lack of Government and Council responsibility for the issues the town will die.
I read with interest that the A/S lock up had 88 people in it over a recent weekend. That should be a complete embarrassment to Alice Springs but they seem to wear that as a badge of honor. Where’s the logic in that? Sydney Centre would not have had 88 people locked up.
Alcohol restrictions will do nothing for these issues. It will just mean they will find other ways to get the alcohol. What happened is the dogooders have broken down the law and order fabric and people know that the law can do nothing.
In NSW radio commentators laugh at the headlines coming out of the NT. They get the headlines on a weekly basis and comment on them. It should be embarrassing to the NT as it makes the whole place look like a complete joke. It shows that the redneck attitude is there and that the old “Last Frontier Attitude” needs to be placed aside and a more professional attitude taking on.
I will continue to read your online paper and hope that one day Law and Order will return to Alice Springs. It will take a lot from all concerned. The egos and bullshit will need to stop and some hard decisions will need to be made. I see the new council as lacking the ability to make those decisions. I hope they prove me wrong.

Can the town afford the welfare burden?
Agree with DN and [NAME DELETED because the writer did not provide his/her full name for publication – ED]. It is people like you that assist Alice Springs being the shit hole it is.
I lived in Alice Springs for nearly five years and I must say I am very glad to be out of there. Great to be in the land of living again.
Unfortunately I tried to improve the town but there just appears to be too many locals who want to keep it in the gutter. After that you just give up as the town will never work together to fix the issues. Way too many self interests.
Look at the break-ins and violence but the locals just say that’s part of Alice Springs. Live with it. Then you have a completely inept council, police force and government. The plan is to hand out as much cash as possible and hope the problem goes away. Oh, and the courts just hand out little slaps, not real fair dinkum kicks in the arse. DN is right. I see nothing in the comments that you can actually argue with.
But again that’s the problem – you have gooses like [NAME DELETED – ED] who just crap on and have no real solutions. Sarcasm is his weapon … Lack of education. Probably a public servant being paid heaps and living in a subsidised rental property in the Golf Club estate, thus creating an overpriced rental market.
Get off your arse and do something rather than get on everyone else’s back. Goose.

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