Incidentally the loud aggressive white drunks I referred to were …

Comment on The Minister for Football by Kris.

Incidentally the loud aggressive white drunks I referred to were at that CBD pub just closed where you could see them loudly sneering at Indigenous people. One incident involved an innocuous community lady trying to sell a painting there and being mercilessly ridiculed by drunk whites. It was nauseating. Apparently its only OK for whites to sell Indigenous paintings in Alice. Yeah its true there are problems in the Indigenous community and many are certainly not angels, but let’s have a bit of perspective here.

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The Minister for Football
Instead of hinting the problems with tourism are all because of Indigenous Australians, lets improve service in our hotels- service which is appalling. If you don’t believe me look on Tripadvisor to see what international tourists really think of service in Alice Springs. Now without Indigenous people – servicing of whom provides enormous employment opportunities here – we would have very few foreign tourists at all. Aboriginal people and their ancient culture are what provides interest from o/s tourists. Lets face it we would be a very non-descript place without them.
The real reason for the stall in tourism is our poor promotion skills and atrocious service. The “ain’t it awful” bleating about Aborigines is laughable. Even when you walk past a bunch of rowdy drunken community people if you smile politely they won’t hurt you. And most are not rowdy – no more rowdy than the drunk white bogans at pubs in Alice. Most blackfellahs are rather quiet actually. Some are not … just like ethnically-European Australians. Some are disorderly but most are in fact orderly. A good tourism strategy would be to provide good service for a change. Don’t panic so much about the impoverished visitors from communities.

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LETTER: Attack on film crew – should we defer to criminals?
That was very perspicacious of you editor. If you read my phrase “Territory tough guys AND this intrepid fearless film crew …” you will see that the word “and” differentiates the film crew from the Territorians. I was fully aware that the film crew were not from the NT. That is why I said “and”.
But Alice Springs will survive the audacious behaviour of a couple of homeless young women. Obviously they were wrong to behave in such a way. Terminology like “disgusting and disgraceful” used by Steve typify “the ain’t it awful” neurosis that mainstream Alice Springsians (sic) indulge in like a pack of whinging poms.
I am not defending what the two lawbreakers did for one moment, I am merely pointing out the hyperbolic over-reactive whining victimhood of some whites.
The women should be prosecuted – no argument – but all the bleating victimhood residents of our isolated suburb in the desert did manage to live to tell the tale … and to whine with an overblown sense of victimhood. It is laughable and I am exercising my democratic right to laugh at it. The atrocious and famous lack of service in many of our hotels (I do not mean the Aurora), is more damaging to our tourism than a couple of homeless young women spitting the dummy. I apologise for saying something original instead of saying “aint it awful” just like everybody else. I am so sorry.
[ED – Fair comment, Kris. I just wanted to make sure. Some of my best friends are Territory cameramen and women. I’m one myself.]

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