I also saw those people fall down the new ‘disabled …

Comment on We need public-friendly public places by Kim.

I also saw those people fall down the new ‘disabled access steps’. It was a stark contrast to the image of our Mayor posing with pride at the new steps in the local news only a few weeks ago.
My aspirations from the new council include ‘best-practice’ policies and programs re public space. Getting quantities and diversities of people to use the Mall will get us somewhere towards reducing ‘anti-social’ behaviour. I think if one more person falls down those steps that’s a pretty good reason to call for a review of the project and planning. Gee I hope the Todd Mall re-development has been well thought out and the steps are just a small anomoly.

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Shot kneecaps, smashed legs: Threat to crims
It is clear and known that Gary Hall has mental health issues. To publish interviews or follow a sick member of society does no good to the sufferer or society. Please support Gary to seek the help he needs and highlight the situation to the ignorant that may follow him.

The harvest of farming illusions
Thanks Hal! and Bob. It’s all good food for thought. I wasn’t comparing Jordan to Alice Springs in terms of social demographic Bob, although it seems Jordan is one of the most developed in the Arab world. The program I mentioned is also a tourism venture with a lot of international volunteers choosing to study there.
There is an interesting trend beginning to happen in Australia with farmers and agri-business looking to Central Australia as a good option for relocation/investment. It appears we have one of the most predictable and stable climates in Australia so while we are looking to the east coast to supply us with consistent and reliable fresh produce they are looking to us to provide the same thing.
The duopoly that currently exists with the two major supermarket chains is not reliable or sustainable. We all know that farmers are the ones who lose out in the buying market and as we stay distanced from our food sources we become less and less aware of the true cost and value of it. Food For Alice try to address this buy sourcing independent and ethically grown produce. I support the idea of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in Central Australia. This requires commitment from the community in $ and support from government in terms of land allocations. Some of our most fertile soil just went under the bulldozer and bricks at Kilgarrif. I don’t pretend to have the answers to all of the issues you mentioned Bob but maybe if we can get it right in the way we use our natural resources we might be able to learn something about other forms of sustainability including appropriate housing and social policy.

The harvest of farming illusions
I think something to consider is the Greening The Desert permaculture project in Jordan. http://permaculture.org.au/2007/03/01/greening-the-desert-now-on-youtube/
It is possible to garden in our ‘harsh conditions’. In fact if we can get our practices right we’ve got benefits in our climate here. Endless sunny days and temperate and sub-tropical qualities mean we can grow a huge diversity of foods. Thinking outside of our regular practices and understanding that it takes time to set up versatile and sustainable food production systems but it can be done … even in regions that experience poor soil and water quality. Diversifying our water supplies (let’s get a tank on every roof in Alice) and improving our soil through broadscale composting systems (we throw out 30% of our food that could be used to contribute to creating compost) is one step that can improve our food garden opportunities. We may not become food-self-sufficient anytime soon but we can work towards it by educating ourselves in best practice techniques and through local government getting on board with supporting the systems that will end up supporting us. To learn more about home food gardening (workshops happening now!) see www.alicecommunitygarden.org.au

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