There are reasons these brackets are fitted in a lot …

Comment on We need public-friendly public places by Tony.

There are reasons these brackets are fitted in a lot of public areas, and thanks to politically correctness on public liability issues (people suing councils for injuring themselves through stupidity, but still blaming the council) these items will continue be fitted.
How does it work? Well, a skater jumps up upon the wall, slides along and (besides leaving a huge damage bill from scraping the surface coat off the wall, and leaving edges that are sharp), the idiot falls off and brakes his arm / leg / nose / whatever. The legal eagles will tell him / his family, if the council had made it so he could not have skated along there, he would not have been injured in the first place.

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Alice Plaza: no plans to front the street
Grease traps are required for food tenancies. The Plaza would need to install grease traps under ground on council land. The council have said no-can-do. That is one reason no foodies on the east side at present.

NT Government action on grog clearly not enough for Macklin
I listened to “an expert” the other day. He was talking of stricter control on the sale of cask wine. “Just look at all the empty 2 litre casks in the Todd River,” he spruiked. I say, look at all the empty wine bottles, VB cartons, and other alcohol containers along the Todd. Look at the groups slurping on wine bottles around the Mall and Kmart, with not a cop in sight. The banning of 4 litre casks has done nothing except inconvenience the wider population. Now this expert wants 2 litre casks banned. It’s like living in kindergarten land!

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