I also wonder which of her initiatives has not been …

Comment on Port Augusta’s Mayor: When softly-softly diplomacy isn’t enough to get a town out of the morass by Jane Clark.

I also wonder which of her initiatives has not been implemented here? Please be specific (as opposed to angry). The only difference I see is the confrontational speaking style.

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Port Augusta’s Mayor: When softly-softly diplomacy isn’t enough to get a town out of the morass
I was one of the councillors who went to Port Augusta that year. The action we took was to introduce dry areas legislation (which I opposed). At the time we also met with Mayors of surrounding councils who had “inherited” issues as a direct consequence of Pt Augusta’s initiatives. My personal view is that they mainly shifted their problems rather than solved them. There is no silver bullet and we need to work through this together.
Sitting in my overseas office I hear much of the ugly anger coming out of Alice Springs. This is very damaging for our major industry of tourism. The same things can be said using less inflammatory language – but that doesn’t get the headline does it?
With the NBN rollout there will be major opportunities for us to renovate the local economy and capitalize on the iconic and romantic destination that is Alice Springs. Let’s think a lot bigger than Port Augusta.

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Gallery: Council has no choice but to accept public’s verdict
Although I would not like to see the ANZAC Oval location come to fruition, I have to say the Alice Springs Town Council online survey is not reliable.
I personally filled it in twice to see whether it was flawed. There is no way it can be accurate and we therefore need another way to guage public opinion.
The practice of removing time-clustered multiple IP addresses from the results is not any way to maintain accuracy – if a group of people in one household decided to put their opinions in using the same computer on the same night, their vote would be amalgamated into a count of one for the group.
I know our council can do public consultation better although I guess they haven’t really got a say in the decision anyway.
It’s a pity our council is not trusted with real planning powers yet they take the flak for NT Government decisions.

Price, Turnbull should pay for town council function: Cr Banks
It’s very telling when certain Councillors are excluded from an invitation list to a so called Council event.
Exclusion is a form of bullying and needs to be called out.
It may have been okay for Council to host the PM at their own expense but terrible manners to invite only certain Councillors.
At the very least the organisers including the Mayor and CEO should apologise for the oversight.
And then it would be great if everyone moved on to discussions about actual council business.

Armed police auxiliary liquor inspectors start work in Alice
13 weeks training – armed – alone in difficult circumstances – what could possibly go wrong?

Town council’s unanimous ‘no’ to fracking
Good job ASTC in showing unity over protection of our water.

They must be joking!
The more I think about this the more upset I feel. People go to the Supreme Court when they are facing events that are often lifechanging and tragic. It’s a serious time when you need to be at the court house. [The insensitivity of placing] this silly rabbit there. Where is the sense of place, the understanding of needing to provide the correct tone for people at the crossroads of their lives? If a family member has been assaulted, murdered, robbed, you will spend time at this place. Art can provide a spot for reflection and healing.

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