Wow what a long list of comment on Joy’s comments …

Comment on Port Augusta’s Mayor: When softly-softly diplomacy isn’t enough to get a town out of the morass by Anthony de Souza.

Wow what a long list of comment on Joy’s comments on her position as Mayor, and some of the actions she has instigated, which are working in Port Augusta. I sincerely hope “God willing” that Joy has another 10 + years left in her working life for that town. It has been nothing short of a miracle what she has accomplished. I see Jane Clark is sitting in her “over seas office” still procrastinating on the “how to” and the “what about” while Joy has “delivered” a working model for the town, which I suspect has left Jane still wondering what the hell just passed her!
What everyone in this forum has failed to see (except for Gavin) is that Alice Springs does not need any more conversation / alcohol bans / blame game / fence sitters and green activists. What it needs it already has, an elected Mayor, good bad or indifferent. We need to support him when he stands out on a limb, guide him if we don’t agree in his direction, lead him into action not inaction, encourage him when he hesitates, and lift him when he falters. Alice Springs needs to accomplish this in his next term as Mayor or the ship will go down with all hands on deck.

Recent Comments by Anthony de Souza

Those in a hurry and those who are not
Listen, Act NOW, involve the town.
I left Alice Springs after 13 years, not because of the anti social behavior, not because because of the endemic drinking problem, not because of the myriad of social problems in Alice. I left Alice because of the inaction on all levels of government, from the CLC, to the council, to the minister, and a whole jumble of governing bodies of people, whose main objective in this whole mess is to bring home a big pay check, employ a countless numbers of consultants to do their job for them, and still not willing to make the hard decisions and put into action a plan to fix my town. A town and ALL its people who I love dearly, and sincerely think are the most unique and accommodating people that I have ever met in my life. LISTEN to my Model / Plan to secure a safe and thriving town for all.
1: Dismantle and throw out all the insane drinking regulations that cause a horrific backlash to the community, and replace it with the standard model that the rest of Australia uses make the offenders accountable. Just execute it! Simple. The existing regulations / prohibition only gives the impression to the rest of Australia that the NT Government cannot manage its own back yard and puts Alice Springs into the bad town to live in image, bad publicity brought about by fly in and out politicians who have not walked the walk or talked the talk, honestly what chance have we got!
2: Drinking in public. Again same law as the rest of Australia make the offenders accountable. Again Execute IT! SIMPLE, its not rocket science just common sense.
It is inconceivable that under the very noses of all government departments, best examples being all around the council chambers itself, the Todd River, and yes! even outside the very Police department that are charged with the enforcement of this law, that in any minute of any given day alcohol is consumed and the discarded bottles and cans are left in full view for all to see. As quick as the discarded cans and bottles hit the ground the council sneaks in every morning early and cleans the areas. What an insult to the Alice Springs people.
The Big problem here is not the fact that this is happening on a daily basics, it’s the dismay, the disappointment, the frustration that infiltrate the community as a whole which promote racial intolerance, a repulsive by product of yet another failed government process.
The Minister blames the people for talking down the town and instructs us to talk up the town and all will just go away. I say to you Minister, sit down and listen to the families of lost ones, injured ones and sick ones that are products of this mess, and think to yourself if this were my children my family my friends, would I just walk out silently into the night as I have done in the past?
3: Anti Social Behaviour: Again an existing Australian model exists for this – Execute it! And so on and on and on. Simplistic ideas? Not at all! Use what you have and get the job done! No more over complicating and procrastinating over all the issues make a stand now! The people of Alice stand with you, I know this for I have walked the walk and talked the talk.
The People of Alice Springs expect, no, demand that the government workers employed by the people for the people act now or move aside and let someone else have a go, that’s what Australians do, have a go and save our town.

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