I’ll go. If Steve Brown isn’t appointed Deputy you have to …

Comment on Fireworks expected over Deputy Mayor position by Renz.

I’ll go.
If Steve Brown isn’t appointed Deputy you have to wonder about this line being trotted out as a “United Council” we can move forward.
We are already in a shambles.
Clearly he was 2nd in the Mayoral Race and 1st in the overall Councillor vote.
When Damien was appointed to Mayor four years ago there were zero cries of “let him cut his teeth”, he went straight into the role as he should.
Steve Brown is 58 years young and has a wealth of experience and knowledge that the voters want to see actioned in Council number 12.
It will be baffling if this is ignored.
Message to the New Council, to stand up straight and do the right thing by the Voters.
Brendan is a good man but we need some new talent there in the Deputy role.
It’s the right course of action before Council number 12 becomes like Swiss cheese without even sitting a meeting.

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Fireworks expected over Deputy Mayor position
@6 Renz (see below): Adrian Renzi, yes that’s me by the way. Courage I do not lack.

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