Thanks Sia! And thank you too Bob for you veiled …

Comment on Protecting our points of difference by Estelle Roberts.

Thanks Sia! And thank you too Bob for you veiled compliment! As we know though life is short!

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Editor injured in hit and run
What a shock to hear about this Erwin! Glad to hear the operation was successful and wishing you a fast recovery!

Mall works to start in August but more than bricks and mortar is needed
It is exciting to think of the possibilities for Alice if we can get it right. The after hours coffee stall would I think go really well. Every afternoon closing up the cafe I work at, I see frustrated and bewildered visitors and annoyed locals unable to get a coffee much after 3.30! Thanks Kieran for the inspirational window into another city doing it well!

We need public-friendly public places
Thanks for the vote of confidence Russell! I would be very interested in such a position if one were to come up but I guess what I would like to see in Todd Mall is more along the lines of free entertainment and activity. Things that are accessible to a broad demographic and not necessarily a money making enterprise.
There are some great things happening all over the world in terms of creating public spaces that help build communities. That would also go towards reducing the “anti-social behaviour” that Kim mentioned. The Projects for Public Places website is a great source of inspiration!
And Tony I appreciate your outlining of the way the our present system works. I am aware of the stark grip that liability holds on our attempts to create spaces and events for people to enjoy. I guess I did not want to burden my article with that obvious tediousness as it was also out of its scope.

Close, contemporary, complex
That’s really nice to know Sophia. Thank you!

Musings from behind a coffee machine
Thanks Michael!

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