Hi Erwin, I don’t see what is bizarre. If I …

Comment on A stabbing that didn’t happen? by Ian Sharp.

Hi Erwin, I don’t see what is bizarre. If I was treated at the hospital I would think that was my business, and I would not want the hospital to comment to anyone, including you, without my permission. If they did I would be bloody cranky.
I think the issue here relates to why the family have chosen not to report this alleged incident to the police. Until they do we are in the realm of Chinese whispers, we can’t be sure what happened.
[ED – Hi Ian, as our story sets out, if the events are as suspected, the law says a report must be made because children are involved.]

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Aggravated assault in Alice hospital
@ Surprised. I am surprised you missed Ninti’s point. Read Liberal’s comment again … in full. Get it now?

Hermannsburg Mission: questions of survival
Thank you Ted Egan, and Erwin for publishing. Without The Alice News we would miss out on so much.

Big role for tiny Boulia in Outback Way project
Back in the 1980s Boulia gave some insight into what The Alice was before WW2, a small outback rail head, surrounded by cattle stations … not completely the same, no mountains, no Aboriginal missions … but still a time machine for those interested.

Claire Hockridge found dead
What a tragic situation. It looks like there will be a fair bit of negative comment thrown around.
But there are lessons to learn. I’ve let my Sat Phone account lapse since I left The Alice, but I still carry a registered EPIRB in the vehicle just in case.
A couple of hundred dollars will get you a decent one, still take your extra water, recovery gear etc, but don’t go for a drive out bush without one, IMHO. Tragedy averted.

‘Cop will be labelled for the rest of his life as a blackfeller killer’
The officer charged will also always be remembered as a hero for his role in rescuing tourists washed away attempting to cross a flooded Hugh River. He received a bravery medal from the Governor-general. He has also served a tour in the army in Afghanistan.

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