Hi Bob, Glad to see you have read my letter. My …

Comment on Grog, residential land, law & order: More power to Alice under Country Liberals, says Terry Mills. by Rex Neindorf.

Hi Bob,

Glad to see you have read my letter. My thoughts are set down for all to see. Firstly, as Jason has stated in other threads I too would like to know how many members does PAAC actually have?
As I have stated I really do not care one bit about the abusive drunks who roam our streets, smash their partners senseless and ruin any chance their kids have to make a decent life. However obviously you do. That’s fine by me. But I bet that 90% of Alice residents think the same as me. I do feel sorry for the lady who was in Emergency last night, courtesy of her ‘loving’ relative and I am extremely disturbed by the two kids also in Emergency late last night (aged ten and twelve) admitted for sniffing.
Where were their parents and where were the estimated 57 juvenile agencies based in town who are supposed to prevent this? I for one would more than happily see abusive drunks placed in rehab and I don’t care one iota for how long either and pay for their ‘incaceration’ if this finally breaks the grog cycle. You call this ‘long term’.
This grog abuse has now gone on for two generations and if heavy handed intervention can prevent it from ruining a third then I for one am totally in favor. I call this long term and we the taxpayer have been paying for it for a very long time and if nothing drastic is done we will continue to pay for generations to come.
I want this abuse to stop with this generation and not carry on to the next. Alcohol reforms which have been going on for a very long time have not worked. Probably because if they did work a lot of people here in Alice would be without a job! But they couldn’t have that could they Bob? Think of all the money we will save by rounding up the 300 to 500 drunks who cause most of the problems. We now pay for their rehab, security, education etc in one place.
We can get rid of dozens of agencies who apparently fight alcohol abuse but in the last 20 years have got nowhere and you blame this on not enough restrictions? I don’t think so.
In my opinion removing these abusive drunks from society until they can productively participate within it again is proactive prevention and early intervention (on behalf of the next generation). Today’s children MUST be given the utmost priority over today’s adult abusive drunks. Let us make this very clear Bob, are you saying that you wish to place the drunks first? In my opinion this is madness. My version of rehab will have a 100% success rate. If they cannot be rehabilitated then they are not readmitted into society. Simple as that. This will let their partners and children and all the rest of us have a life!

Rex Neindorf Also Commented

Grog, residential land, law & order: More power to Alice under Country Liberals, says Terry Mills.
Hi Russell,
You have hit the nail squarely on the head when you use the word ‘ADDICTION’. This word sums up exactly why restrictions will not work. These people are addicted to grog, if they can’t buy enough to feed their addiction they will beg, borrow and steal it! This is happening right now and will only get much worse if your skirting-around-the-edge restrictions are put into place. The only thing which in my opinion will work is to remove the addicted person ie. place them into a rehab. However if they are placed into a rehab and things work what will happen to all the people’s jobs whose work currently revolves around the industry which is the ‘abusive drunk’. I think this is the real issue and this is why you are so against rehab as it will put many people you obviously know out of work.
I have stated before that if a Banned Drinkers Register (BDR) was used in conjunction with mandatory rehab I have no problems with that, as the BDR will identify the people who require rehab. If the Country Liberals have something else in plan to do the same job, this may be why they have chosen to not support the BDR.
I looked at the PAAC website yesterday as well. No figures there on membership numbers. Why are you so secretive on membership numbers? Is it because there are possibly only three actual members? Action for Alice had well in excess of 300 members.
On Northside, is this not owned now by a local indigenous corporation? I’m sure something does not add up here? And at long last the many local Aboriginal organisations are going to meet to discuss what is happening. Why was this not done years ago? Local, and I mean LOCAL indigenous elders should be demanding that visitors respect their land whilst visiting here.
On Newcastle, and every other metropolitan eastern seaboard place in Australia, a floor price may work there as the targeted drunks are different. Generally they are binge drinking teenagers not yet addicted to alcohol. In Alice Springs we have entrenched alcohol ADDICTED abusive drunks. I am 100% certain a floor price and any other measure except for mandatory rehab will be an absolute waste of time and money here. The only people a floor price will benefit are those who study alcoholism in society by keeping them in a ‘job’ studying why these new restrictions did not work here.
As for Steve Brown not wanting to attend the public debate, I don’t blame him, he is sick of restrictions that don’t work and he has been here longer than us. I can’t say why Steve ‘is interested in seeing PAAC gone’ however as long as PAAC to me, apparently puts the welfare of the abusive drunk above the welfare of all others (re your own comments in another thread regarding ‘Human Rights’) then I would also be happy to see PAAC gone.
If PAAC was to immediately advocate to remove all abusive drunks from our town and place them into mandatory rehab to give our town, our children and all of us a chance to live a life again I will be the first to sign up!

Recent Comments by Rex Neindorf

Open speed limit starts tomorrow
Dallas @1 posted Feb 3rd is correct, slashing a wide strip on each side of the road will greatly increase safety.
I understand Marks @8 posted Jan 31st point of view. Old vehicles in poor repair will always be a hazard, no matter which speed they are being driven at.
I have been in the Territory since 1997 and lasted a decade here driving on roads with no speed limit until limits were enforced and I survived.
It is a fact that most deaths in the NT are attributed to fatigue, alcohol, lack of wearing seat belts and vehicles which are in poor repair and or overcrowded. Speed was and still is way down the list.
When I was traveling on open speed roads I was mainly doing 160km/h. Very occasionally would I be passed meaning that most people drove at a limit which they determined was safe.
Mark, there is nothing to stop a car doing 200km/h on any road, it’s just illegal but it still wouldn’t stop them.
Fatigue is far more likely to set in whilst doing 110km/h on a long straight stretch of road than doing 160 on the same road as when doing 160 I guarantee you are far more alert whilst driving.
As for driving at night doing these speeds, no way. Open speed is only safe during day time hours.
At dawn, dusk and even night time high speed would be an absolute danger to all concerned. Too many animals roaming and not a lot of fencing! I hit a horse a few years ago now around dusk doing about 90. Came out from behind a tree and did not see it at all until it was right in front of me.
I now have FLIR thermal imaging fitted to my vehicle which works exceptionally well. Coming back from Adelaide last year whilst sitting on about 100 in the middle of the night FLIR picked up three cows on the road well before I could visually see them. Dark cows are very hard to see at night but they give out a bucket load of heat.
It all comes down to driving with common sense and unfortunately it does not matter if there is a speed limit or not common sense is not always there. I would dare say that traveling a few of the speed limited and heavily policed eastern seaboard highways is and always will be far more dangerous than our newly open speed stretch of road.

The crucible of alcohol legislation
Is this fiction Russell? Only 14% of Indigenous Territorians are at risk of long term harm by alcohol? Or is it simply they are dead before the meaning ‘long term’ kicks in?

Editor injured in hit and run
Interesting to note that another person was cleaned up last Friday night near Maccas as reported in yesterday’s local printed paper. This hit and run routine appears to becoming commonplace around town. The one in town however should be easy for the cops to trace via CCTV you would think. Just one of the benefits of having a good security camera system in operation even though the local camera system is not as good as it could be.
Anyway Erwin, best wishes for a fast recovery and maybe you can also chase up and report on the other hit and run.

Mall skater’s $576 fine: is it fair?
Don’t worry Peter, October 15, 7:42am: Eight-year-olds won’t have to carry ID as anyone under 10 cannot be charged for anything in this country. Eleven-year-olds and over however better start packing their birth certificate!

Someone is going to die at this crossing, say councillors
We drove past the Heavitree Gap pedestrian crossing today and yes people were crossing at the southern end of the fence, all except for the one man who was leaning against the fence taking a piss in full view of all the passing traffic. This is by far the flashiest urinal I have seen in a long time!

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