To repeat what I said in the first post below, …

Comment on Grog, residential land, law & order: More power to Alice under Country Liberals, says Terry Mills. by Hal Duell.

To repeat what I said in the first post below, it’s time to stop pretending. And I would include in that the pretence that there really is enough money to build a mandatory rehabilitation facility that will hold alcoholics until they are over their addiction – forever if need be. At millions to build (billions?) and more millions every year to maintain, the cost is simply prohibitive. We don’t have enough money to put the criminals in our jails, let alone the drunks.
I am not an economist, so prove me wrong on this and I may change my tune. But by my reckoning, we need to think of some other way to tackle the repetitive public drinkers, whether they are actual alcoholics or merely serial nuisances.
I think we can all agree that what we are talking and talking about is public drinkers abusing this town pretty much all day every day. Who isn’t sick of it? A floor price will raise the price of the cheapest drinks so that has to slow some of the flow. A day off is just that – a day off. In my thinking, this is more for the rest of us than it is for the grog hounds.
But what about allowing controlled drinking areas out of town, which effectively means on communities? Sorry, Bob, but I’m all for it. If you want to drink, drink. But do it standing up on your own land, not sneaking onto your neighbour’s. Isn’t this another area where we are pretending?
And Russell, closing the Northside as Jane Clark suggests will just push those drinkers into the CBD or further afield. Do it if you can – one less outlet can’t hurt. But be ready for the displacement elsewhere in town. It’s also worth answering Rex’s question. Isn’t the Northside now owned by an Aboriginal corporation? How does that work again?
I can’t help but feel that we are somehow missing the point in all this debate. I think Bob goes close when he speaks of ‘our lamentable system of socially-inappropriate welfare provisions’. Isn’t it the case that every single drunk making a mess of himself and this town in Alice Springs today is on the dole? Is that where we start? And wouldn’t that just open a whole new can of worms?
Short answer – yes, it would. So let’s do it.

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Grog, residential land, law & order: More power to Alice under Country Liberals, says Terry Mills.
Some interesting points here.
1) Licensed social clubs in communities will be hugely controversial, but if they can break the current pretence of dry communities being dry only because their drinkers drift into the urban centres, why not try it? Denying people what they want at home usually means they just leave home.
2) Looking at the shires and how they work sounds like a good idea. I don’t live there, but since they first came in, I have wondered if two shires in central Australia, both stretching from WA to Qld, can ever work.
But would a Planning Commission sitting on top of the DCA simply add another layer of bureaucracy?
And what about youth diversion programs coupled with mandatory restitution by families for damage done by their under-age sons and daughters? The vandalism being done in Alice today seems to be done mostly by children.
As in talking dry while drinking wet, not paying for breakage is another example of ducking responsibility.
It’s time to stop pretending.

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Matters are kept in confidential when they don’t want us to know what they are talking about.
Only Melky and Banks seem willing to bring this issue into open. And yet, all were elected on promises of transparency.
Confidential is where a “prefered option” is decided. Then they stage a public consultation. Then they enact the prefered option.
This backfired on the Anzac Oval. I expect them to be more careful next time.
And I wonder what the sweetener will be to induce the ACTC into forfeiting the best block in Alice Springs.

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From the perspective of a dog walker, whatever the current government is doing to reduce at least the level of drinking in public, it’s working.
I used to carry two shopping bags to collect empties.
Now I carry one, and as often as not bring it home empty.
Nor am I seeing the windrows of empty plastic wine bottles.

Mating odour to catch feral cats
I agree, look at Camelicious. And not just milk, but meat and hides as well.
The time is not yet right for this, but with global weather patterns changing yearly, the time will come when Australia will de-stock cattle and sheep in large swathes of the Outback and restock with camels and goats.
Let’s hope we don’t shoot them all out as feral pests before we need them.
And then plow in all the cotton fields and replant with hemp for a better fibre from less water and fewer chemicals.

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I love it that the “gallery” has an interim director. Maybe similar to Venezuela having an interim president, or someone who is an interim boss over something that actually isn’t.
And now we learn that the NT government is seeking an Authority Certificate over the Civic Centre block from AAPA.
Say what?
And where is our Assange when we need him. Wouldn’t you love to know what those tricksters are up to in there?

Museums: First Nations demand to speak for themselves
I think James T Smerk’s idea of a museum with two wings is one of the best and most novel suggestions I have heard.
Aside from a shared claim to Aboriginality, there is no unity within Aboriginal Australia.
Yet this has not kept them from remaining present and relevant despite having been caught in the tides of history some 250 years ago.
Let’s hear all the stories.

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