The question should be: Why hasn’t the LANDLORD fixed the …

Comment on A quarter of tiny works Budget goes to expand gaol by Anonymous.

The question should be: Why hasn’t the LANDLORD fixed the lift? Or why was the office tenancy set up in a dodgy old building in the first place?

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Worst unemployment ever in the NT: Chamber of Commerce
And yet Alice Springs still struggles to find employees (or better still reliable employees), to cut people’s hair, mend shoes, mend clothes, clean houses, cut grass, deliver mail … the list goes on.

Coles milk sales limit puts Uncle Edy’s at risk
How about Independent Grocers, Smimac or another local wholesaler who supply other businesses in town? Can they be used to supply milk to this business at a wholesale price?

Three people missing since Saturday
Drug connection?

Land planning favours developers, says residents group
Only two people lodged an objection to the recent application for a six storey building in Todd Street.

Planning another plan
Also, this Planning Scheme Amendment application is currently on public exhibition.

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