@1 Good question … who knows in answer to both …

Comment on A quarter of tiny works Budget goes to expand gaol by Aaradamw.

@1 Good question … who knows in answer to both questions. All I know is every time I want to access Services in that building the Lift is not working.

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A quarter of tiny works Budget goes to expand gaol
So what about the Barkly? Where is the money to provide the community with proper access to Community Health Services?
Currently if you wish to access Age Care and Disability Services in Tennant Creek (or maybe even child health) you need to negotiate a staircase that even mountain goats would struggle on. Please leave your wheelchair or pram downstairs.
Well there is a lift, the local Member will say. What lift?
Broken out of action 98% of the time and when it does work it is like a dog box in size and you hope it doesn’t break down when you are in there.
Recently an 86 year old man had to carry his oxygen bottle on his back and drag himself up the stair just to obtain a Pensioner Concession Card. Did I mention that service is also on the first floor.
Don’t ask the local Member for help with this. Did I mention that he and his lovely wife have relocated and now live in Darwin.
Forget the people in the Barkly. Everyone else does!

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NT’s grog policy focus remains on public drinkers and drunk offenders
Dear Ms Lawrie,
Not sure what planet you are living on but evidence based practice world wide clearly shows that you can not legislate and mandate behavioural change in individuals.
All States repealed their Inebriates Act or similar in the early 70’s as it does not work.
Even if you could mandate behavioural change where will you place people for “rehabilitation” as you have stated … very few services on the ground to provide rehab and your Government hasn’t provided any increase in rehab beds with existing service providers.
Your Grog Policy may look good on the front page of NT papers with stats that have very little meaning.
Open your eyes, Ms Lawrie, and look at what the rest of the world is doing to deal with Community AOD issues.

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