Thanks Dave. I make a practice of not “shooting from the …

Comment on Female tourists sleeping in car alleged to have been sexually assaulted: all three suspects now charged, rifle still not recovered. by Rod Cramer.

Thanks Dave.
I make a practice of not “shooting from the lip”, if I’ve asserted it, rest assured the evidence exists. And I haven’t finished yet. Council made no secret of their procedure at the time, openly discussed in meetings. Of course they didn’t call it stealing, but when you remove something in the full knowledge that it does belong to someone, that they will be back for it, and that it is essential to them, with absolutely no intention of even finding the owner, let alone giving it back, with no law to support your action, what else is it? For a substantial period it was just taken to the dump (Council’s words), fresh food, clothes, utensils, bedding, art supplies, anything.
I was neither condemning nor supporting the camping in the Todd. Clearly I am highlighting the double standard Council (and the Police) employs, for whatever reason, and now we all have to live with one of the outcomes, none more so than the victims, which do number more than the last two.

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Female tourists sleeping in car alleged to have been sexually assaulted: all three suspects now charged, rifle still not recovered.
Rex, no problem with night patrol, but as I pointed out, police are already entitled, perhaps even obligated to “enforce” Council by-laws.
As I also said before, while not shifting any blame from perpetrators to victims, if Council and Police were doing that, the potential for the catastrophy this discussion was about would be considerably reduced.
I suspect any one pinning their hopes on the Commissioner is having a lend of themselves, from Henderson down.

Female tourists sleeping in car alleged to have been sexually assaulted: all three suspects now charged, rifle still not recovered.
I guess it’s too much to expect everyone reading these pages to employ reasonable literary comprehension skills (or maybe there is another reason) that would save them wasting all our time “attacking” me about things I clearly wasn’t referring to, and while real, quite irrelavent to the point I was making. A topic for another day, but I doubt very much Council has dealt with too many of those campsites – in fact I know how hard it is to get Council to go outside their comfort zone on exactly that topic.
Hal, I don’t need your patronising, nor do I need to table in Council something they informed us of in a public Council meting. You also are missing the point.

Female tourists sleeping in car alleged to have been sexually assaulted: all three suspects now charged, rifle still not recovered.
Rex Neindorf is right, but the issue doesn’t end there. Over the last 10 or so years I have asked Council on numerous occasions why aren’t they enforcing their bylaw in relation to camping in public places within the Municipality.
I did this essentially because as a citizen of this community I was ashamed that Council, for much of that time, were happy to steal the meager belongings of any countryman camped in the Todd, and make efforts of various substance to move them on, all the while turning a very blind eye to anyone else breaching the exact same bylaw, but parked in various car parks, streets and open space about the place, often within sight and “spitting distance” of the less fortunate in the Todd.
Council’s response has always been along the lines of “it is only illegal between 9pm and 6am, and our rangers knock off at 6pm”. When I then queried the role of police in this issue, I have on several occasions been advised by Council that every police officer in the NT is empowered to enforce Council bylaws. I can’t recall their exact response when I asked whether they had encouraged the police to enforce this bylaw in relation to those above the bed of the Todd, but their response was never enthusiastic.
I in no way am I trying to shift any responsibility away from the perpetrators onto their victims. But I believe both Council and the police have to take a serious look at the implications of their own long standing inaction.
I have raised at least three other issues with Council that are of similar consequence. Unfortunately Council has established a track record going back at least three decades of not heeding warnings on serious issues that could lead to serious harm or even death (which unfortunately has happened), something they manage to look very “poker faced” about when reminded.
Yes, we all have a responsibility to reduce the possibility of these unacceptable events, and sadly I wish now I had done even more to prod Council into meaningful action. I can only try harder.

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As I recall it was the the Weather Bureau that divided the NT up into forecast “districts” some years ago, whose boundaries did not necessarily coincide with the topo / geographical features they were named after.
I notice in recent weeks the bureau can’t make up its mind if its using their own defined districts, or the topo / geographical areas, which could be quite misleading.
NT bureau forecasters, and subsequently the media, chop and change between the two, even in the one forecast or report. Come on, one or the other, please.

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An absolute act of bastardry. Well done Mike. It wouldn’t have cost that much to repair it, and at least that might have gone to local tradies to do with pride. Well done Mike.

Federal Police uses drone to spy on tourists
The DCOF of the day told me 15 years ago that under the Defence Undertakings Act they “have the power to question anyone anywhere anytime”. But are the current inquisitors AFP or contracted security?

Defence to close Stuart Highway for up to 12 hours
So what’s happened to Trevor Seebohm and his 11th hour posts?

Ilparpa dongas depot: Will Tony Smith get a permit?
A correction: There clearly is a definition of “Transport Terminal” in the NT Planning Scheme, on page “Part 1-13”.
What the chair in effect said was that the definition may be somewhat insuffient. What she did quite clearly say was that there was no definition “goods”. The Applicants “Statement of Effect” was even titled “Transport Terminal for Storage of Transportable Buildings”.
Tony Smith said to a meeting of the Alice Springs Rural Area Association Inc in June: “I don’t want a Transport Termial, I want Storage!” In any event, the current activity doesn’t even pass the “pub test”.
Regardless, as a Discretionary use in Zone R – Rural (as opposed to RL and RR), it does not meet the criteria under the Planning Act to be approved, as the Officers of the Planning Department pointed out in their Assessment Document.
As with many applications, amenity (which is also defined under the Act “Part 1-6”) is at stake. When will applicants learn that it is not their prerogative to describe the effect of their proposal on the amenity of their neighbours?
I used the analogy of sexual harrassment, in that the affect on the harassed is not for the harasser to describe.
I of course was in no way drawing any other analogy with any applicant. I was much appreciative of two ladies who the first thing they said to me after the hearing was: “I got it straight away – good analogy.”

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