@5 Bob Durnan. Thank-you Bob for your comment even though …

Comment on Female tourists sleeping in car alleged to have been sexually assaulted: all three suspects now charged, rifle still not recovered. by Leigh Childs.

@5 Bob Durnan. Thank-you Bob for your comment even though I’m not sure what you are trying to tell me. That there is even more grief out there? But I would like to respond to some of your comments. After reading Peter Sutton’s, The Politics of Suffering and Rod Moss’s The Hard Light of Day and listening to your interview with Ted Egan on Radio National there isn’t much hope is there?
I believe that I do contribute to this oft repeated mantra of ‘a whole of community approach’. I ask Aboriginal adults in the company of school age children, during school hours why the child is not in school. [One of these days I’m gonna get decked !] The usual responses are fairly evenly divided between ‘none your business’ and ‘we just come in from out bush’. What more can I do on that front?
Last week while in the Yippy center I was about to ask a young Aboriginal lad of about 10 years why he wasn’t in school and was vaguely aware of his having his arms across his face. I then became aware of the sound of a fast traveling shopping trolley, when I looked there was an Aboriginal woman running full tilt AT the boy. I was able to push the trolley aside. I believe that if she had connected with him he most likely would have gone through the window of Dick Smith. I walked away; I was so angry and upset. What could I have done Bob; taken the boy to the Police Station? Taken the Aboriginal woman to the Police Station, or maybe held them both there and called the Police?
Bob I don’t know what the “answer” is but I would like the town to try a couple of dry days. Alcohol plays a huge part in the outrageous behaviours we see every day. But I’m afraid the vested interests in this town will win every time. ‘Thars money to be made outta those drunks.’ They are our drunks. Shocking isn’t it?

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Female tourists sleeping in car alleged to have been sexually assaulted: all three suspects now charged, rifle still not recovered.
I find it so hard to get my head around the fact that one of the alleged attackers is only 17 years old. I mean 17. I think back to when my own sons were 17 and they were just kids doing kid things, big kid things admittedly. What kind of home life and his [so far] experience of life leads this boy to think that this behaviour is somehow OK ? In whose culture is this OK ?
I am so gobsmacked/apalled/shocked that I find it hard to find the words to express myself. How would his Mother/family be feeling right now ? Is there ‘payback’ for this sort of crime…..?

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