Yes Russell, Port “Auguta” is looking better but Alice is …

Comment on Grog stats may be useless as they do not include online and mail orders by Gavin Carpenter.

Yes Russell, Port “Auguta” is looking better but Alice is still the best. You say “One wonders how he’d go trying to do something difficult, like turn down the tap.”
Ask people in Broome about turning down the tap in Halls Creek and Fitzroy Crossing. Ask people in Isa, Katherine and Tennant Creek about when they ‘turned down the tap’ and closed the pub in Borroloola.
Thirsty Thursday turned down the tap to an extent in Tennant and some of the best ‘blues’ ever witnessed in the main street were on Thursday afternoons. Nothing short of a total disgrace.
In their wisdom they cut out casks in Tennant and at the time I was quoted in the Australian, “aircraft flying over Tennant don’t need directional finding, just look for the glint from the broken glass”.
What else do we ‘try’ before someone gets serious?? There are times when you need to be cruel to be kind!!!
I can suggest a solution but it is certainly not politically correct nor politically acceptable.

Gavin Carpenter Also Commented

Grog stats may be useless as they do not include online and mail orders
It is real simple to purchase on the i’net, have not bought grog locally for three years. It is delivered to your door by courier or pick up from the post office when a card is in your box, depending on the supplier you use. Usually a week to 10 days. Watch the specials on the regular emails, some are even freight free.
I believe in buying locally where possible but the hassles of what you can buy, how much you can buy, when you can buy it are all too hard.
Just see the pallets at the post office and the back of the courier truck when deliveries are on.
The stats are well and truly stacked!

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Michele Castagna, 1944 – 2016
An Alice Springs icon known far and wide. Will be remembered for her strength and tenacity.
RIP Michelle.
Joan and Gavin

We need to bring trust back to government: Dale Wakefield
“We need to bring trust back to government because I think that has been eroded.”
No “think” about it and includes all three tiers (two too many?) of government.
Good luck in trying to change the situation.
“Yes Minister” is alive and well and will stay that way with the bureaucrats, minders and apparatchiks running the show, many of whom would not survive if it were not for the regularity of the government nipple fortnightly.

Tennant Creek gets the pipeline, not Alice Springs
What have fracking and a pipeline got in common? Build the pipeline to carry gas from off shore, one side of Australia to the other, to the east coast. Fracking may or not come, it is another issue completely. Gas pipelines run all over NSW and Vic carting gas with no fracking.
Interesting comment recently where a hot water service installer is suggesting electric hot water systems be used rather than gas as it is the same price or cheaper?
We sell our gas overseas for a fraction of what we pay locally, where is the screaming about that?

Uranium mining would help to save Alice: Businessmen
Good on you blokes for some intestinal fortitude and speaking out. I don’t have to agree with your thoughts.
Too much PC garbage and cries of racist for most to say anything.
Those who do not agree have the choice to come out with some rational alternatives rather than just jump up and down and talk garbage. Lets hear them!
Well said Liz, pointing out where they are mistaken in this case.

The farce of Minister Chandler’s Yirara ‘assessment’
Tell someone who cares. This has been going on for years, the kids used to be quite proud of how they (mis) behaved and quite open about it. Can only comment about some years ago but obviously things have not changed recently.

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