One idea worth trying would be to make clients clean …

Comment on Centrelink holds key to alcohol and crime mayhem but gets no seat at the Police Commissioner’s round table by Jules.

One idea worth trying would be to make clients clean up sites where cans, bottles and Centrelink paperwork is strewn … if they don’t no Centrelink money should not be given … obviously they would have to be supervised either by their more reliable kin or one of these new officers … if we do not report volunteer or paid work with proof that we do it we are immediately cut off from our Newstart so anyone whether black, white or brindle should be treated the same … if they don’t like it, tough.

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The Centre’s landscape brought into a castle in town
Visited Panorama Guth in 2002. Loved it. Bought a few paintings.
It was unique in that it made you feel you were part of the scenery.
Attractions like this will attract tourists because it was one of a kind.
Need some unique ideas for the future.

Is Fred our most faithful visitor?
I too agree costs in the red centre are expensive. Lucky to have visited Ayers Rock, Olgas, Chambers Pillar, Rainbow Valley when there were less restrictions … if you want visitors you have to make it more affordable as it costs money just to get to the centre whether you drive or fly … simply cheaper to go to the eastern states.

Backpackers: beauty of country trumps fear for safety
Having family in Alice I have been there several times. Worked for two seasons in hospitality and made many friends. Am going there later this year. Being sensible about what time of the day and night you go out is the main thing to realize. Don’t walk around at night or early hours of morning. This can go for any city in the world. Love the scenery and the area.

Todd River: will we stand by and let the worst happen?
What about engaging all those on the dole a few days a week to clean out the various grasses to start with. I’ve seen supervised inmates picking up all the rubbish so after rubbish is cleaned up maybe they could clear some grasses as well.

Alice’s Vinnies closing
I think it’s disgusting to close down as they were a valuable addition to the community. Having done a bit of volunteering there when visiting family I could see they were doing quite well … seems to me that is all the same everywhere when things are going OK there is always someone who wants to drag things down with weak excuses.

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