I have some sympathy for the taxi driver, what are …

Comment on Alleged grog running cabbie may lose car; passenger who bought grog fined $120. by Bronwyn Dealdi.

I have some sympathy for the taxi driver, what are the chances that if he said no to the people with grog getting into the taxi that he would be abused if not assaulted. Should taxi drivers be responsible for policing the no grog rule?
Another question, why can’t people in town camps drink alcohol in the privacy of their own home, I think it is discriminatory in banning the private use of alcohol.
Yes, I know the possible responses to this question and I say its all about personal responsibility for your own actions. This cannot be learnt if we keep acting like a “nanny” state.

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Chance for elders to help cops fight youth crime?
I agree, youth have no respect for elders in the community. Where do they learn this?
Parents are unable to parent without community support. Communities need to sort this out themselves, with support – when asked for – particularly if we insist on sending youth back to dysfunctional families.
Case in point: Alleged rape of a two-year-old in Tennant Creek. Where was the mother? Where was the community? Where were the rest of this child’s family?
The Department of Families has a herculean task.
If they take responsibility they are accused of taking children away from culture.
If they don’t remove a child at risk and something happens everyone (mostly) accuses the department as being negligent.

‘Profiteering’ industry must act on grog harm: Police Association
Brilliant. Peter is spot on, the police do a terrific job and should not bear the brunt of the choices that people make.
Could someone tell me why there are not warnings on bottles / tins of alcohol letting people know what damage it can cause (as with tobacco)?
I am also amazed that no one has sued alcohol manufacturers for the damage that alcohol has done to them (as with tobacco).
Liquor inspectors sounds like a great idea.

Intruder locks out home owners
Definitely lock your doors at all times even when your in the house.
I have lived in Alice for 12 years and two days ago for the first time our house was invaded by a male who walked in the back door; when he was confronted and asked to leave he punched the home owner in the face and left the house; he then went to the car port and smashed a car window (the doors of the car were unlocked so why smash a window) trying to steal the car.
The home owner again confronted the man and told him to leave which he did.
This was an experience that was upsetting and the cause of pain and loss of earnings for the home owner.
The day was saved by the care, efficiency and professionalism of services who responded to the call for help. To the police, ambos and staff at Alice Springs Hospital – thank you for your efficiency, care and professionalism. Cannot express our gratitude enough.

Now you see it, now you don’t
You will never stop people using the claypans as it is an area that is used by all for walking, having a picnic enjoying the beauty of Alice Springs surrounds.
Would it not be an idea instead of wasting money on replacing signs that the council develop the area as a picnic area and an education area, some signs telling people how clay pans are formed the significance of them to indigenous people, the age of them.
Some of those low wooden tables with benches chairs as in other town parks, placed thoughtfully around the claypans, and perhaps some rubbish bins would be useful.
We could start a friends of the clay pans group who keep the place free of rubbish and monitor the use of the area, any hoons would be identified and reported.
The putting up of signs NO Trespassing shows the council’s lack of imagination in the development of the town and attractions for tourists as well.
Oh and could you please replace the shades in Todd Mall? The metal things over the arty bench seats are nice to look at but provide absolutely no shade for those who just want to sit and watch the world go by, it will also attract people back to the mall and reduce crime in the area.
[ED – Hi Bronwyn, it was the Territory Government that put up the No Trespassing sign.]

Protecting unborn children from grog damage
Alcohol is a dangerous drug each day people poison themselves with it, hurt others under the influence of it, if any other drug did this there would be uproar and demands for it to be banned. Tobacco smokers are seen as children of the devil spreading the evil smoke to others. There are warnings on packs etc etc. Alcohol!!!! no warnings uproar when restrictions are mooted outrage from hotels sellers of alcohol and drinkers! Hypocrisy? Children with FASD are damaged for life they are often cognitively impaired before they are born, again if any other drug did this there would be an outcry from the movers and shakers. Alcohol kills you can drink to toxic levels it is deadly if you don’t kill yourself you are killing brain cells, your liver and are vulnerable to all the chronic diseases that have been identified as the main challenges for our health systems. Yet we still ignore this go figure?

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