I know of the worst cases of abuse by cabbies …

Comment on Alleged grog running cabbie may lose car; passenger who bought grog fined $120. by David Chewings.

I know of the worst cases of abuse by cabbies better than anyone currently engaged in this debate and I am of the firm opinion that the Commissioner is going over the top in his treatment of the Alice taxi industry.

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Alleged grog running cabbie may lose car; passenger who bought grog fined $120.
Erwin, I hope you will allow me the privilege of another comment on this matter.
I have just read the ABC report which quotes the Police Commissioner as saying: “This is a very serious matter.”
No it is not, Commissioner.
The recent reports of alleged rape, homicide and escapes from custody in Centralia are very serious matters indeed and you only trivialise your esteemed position by what you have said about the cabbie’s alleged offence.
Up in Darwin it seems that the murder and associated mayhem is not on the improve.
And you, Dear Commissioner, tell us all to have faith.

Alleged grog running cabbie may lose car; passenger who bought grog fined $120.
My thoughts go out to the cabbie concerned and those people suffering under the NTER umbrella and the beefed up so-called Stronger Futures proposals introduced into Federal Parliament last November.
They have already passed the House of Reps.
Of great concern to me and other do-gooders is that there will be no scrutiny by the newly formed parliamentary committee on human rights.
Jenny Macklin could easily correct this.

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Well said Terri M of Arizona. The tourism commission knows how bad they are and that has been the subject of previous ASNO reports. They operate in the same myopic manner which came from another age and which was in denial of anything indigenous. The road ahead will not be easy and will require respect for all players and exceptional leadership.

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The Truss gaffe is almost as funny as the attempt by the leader in waiting and his spin ie cover up attempt on the cut his throat comment!

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I have always been the eternal optimist, especially about our desert people and regions but I think you must partaking of the same water as the ASTC if you’re wiv me … first things first in other words!

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This is a very grave issue for Central Australia. The situation at Mataranka involving Tina McFarlane and her family shows just how quickly things can turn. I would advise all Alice Springs people to watch this space and take note of those who know about water for example, Rod Cramer.

Water – who is advising whom on what?
This is a commendable report Erwin. David Chewings.

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