Given I’ve a bit of a tourism background, I thought …

Comment on After years of under-achieving, tourism promoters say they are getting cracking by Deborah Rock (Tourism Operator & Labor Candidate).

Given I’ve a bit of a tourism background, I thought I’d throw a few thoughts into the discussion.

– We’re perceived by many as a setting off point for visiting Uluru and while that carries a feeling of being always the bridesmaid, we should get over that. Fact is it brings us a lot of tourists so it isn’t an impression I’d want to “correct”. But we certainly need to increase awareness of Alice Springs as destination in our right, to ensure we’re not left out of people’s Central Australian itineraries, and to generate more visitors who come just for us.

– I’d like to see some of our local natural scenery, and why not the town itself, added to the list of Australia’s must do, national icons. That is something that could come out of meetings with Tourism Australia.

– Sometimes I think that people come here not because they have any idea what is here, but because of our somewhat legendary “Town like Alice” status. But legendary status will only get us so far and we need to give people more reasons to visit. More development & marketing of our known strengths (natural scenery, pioneering history, Aboriginal culture/art)and more effort identifying & developing new strengths. I included some suggestions in my thought piece in Alice Springs News in January.

– Event tourism is great for us and I would love to see some creative thinking going into developing new events for the town. The diversity of our current events (from Beanie Festival to Finke Desert Race and the Camel Cup) means all attract different sorts of crowds which is what we want from them. Let’s expand on that.

– I’m a big fan of niche tourism though one needs look at the bigger picture with niche tourism. A single niche on its own may be good for 1 or 2 tour operators but it doesn’t necessarily make a big difference to the town. However identifying numerous niches and targeting lots of them does start to become a big story. Niches can include things like birdwatchers, train & truck enthusiasts, aviation tourism (if the plane graveyard goes ahead), fossickers, bushwalkers, mountainbikers… in fact if we start to think a bit laterally, the list can be huge.

– It is a shame there hasn’t been much talk lately of turning Alice Springs Airport into an international airport. Clearly it would have to be a commercial decision for both the airport and the airlines, it has to be viable, but I’m conscious of what it did for Cairns and I’d love to see us be a direct access international destination.

Anyway, these are just some ideas for people to bounce around.

Recent Comments by Deborah Rock (Tourism Operator & Labor Candidate)

Councillor Booth director of new Alice escort agency
If the information in this article is correct, Booth MUST step down immediately from Town Council.
Not being a resident is sufficient reason for this, but is not the only reason.
Based on his business activities, he is not of suitable character to be a leader of our town. The people of Alice Springs have been misled about his personal values.

Council suspends its collection scheme and activists ‘disable’ Coca Cola machines as NT loses container deposit court case
The companies involved all have corporate websites which provide contact details if you wish to make a complaint. If you’re thinking of adjusting your personal shopping habits, the websites also give a full range of their products.
I’ve written to them.
By the way, an unusual pleasure to see all comments on an Alice Springs News article in agreement!

LETTER: Family, friends knew murdered woman was being abused
I commend the Deputy Chief Minister for commenting on this topic. Particularly as we’ve heard nothing from the Minister for Women’s Policy.
Domestic violence is abominable and is far too common in the NT.
If the CLP feels as strongly about this as do other members of the community, let’s see some leadership on the issue and useful action. Let’s see something other than criticising previous governments, de-funding of Domestic Violence services and reopening access to alcohol for domestic violence offenders.
I acknowledge your heartfelt comments Robyn, but actions speak louder than words.

Steve Brown survives fall, escapes council censure
Perhaps just poorly chosen words, but as an elected official, his job is to work on behalf of everyone in Alice Springs, not just the people who voted for him. It is what we expect from all our representatives, at any level of government.

Why don’t we do political satire in Alice?
We don’t do political satire in Alice because we don’t need to. We have a new government comprised of intelligent, open minded individuals with an outstanding grasp of the issues that affect us all and the right solutions to take us forward.
We cannot want for more.

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