The comments above reading thru them all are very iteresting. …

Comment on After years of under-achieving, tourism promoters say they are getting cracking by A Passionate local operator.

The comments above reading thru them all are very iteresting. So has Mr Brown actually spoken to the Tourism heads and found out what is happening behind the scenes and all the work being done to improve tourism? The work going on with airlines, the wheels being set in motion??? Has he actually been involved in ANY of the tourism workshops that have been happening in the region lately? I bet not… the points he raises as a negative ARE being addressed… things DON’T happen over night…industry and government are not going to fix issues instantly. Anyone thinking we can see Uluru as a competitor must be crazy? The leverage we can get off each other as amazing destinations is a workable soloution here.
There is so much happening in tourism and we all should be spruiking the positive aspects. If you all keep being negative and putting the industry down… it will never survive!
Perhaps if some of the previous people commenting on this atricle were actually attending the workshops and meetings, talking with the tourism bodies and finding out what is actually happening, rather than reading an article that is missing so much factual information….they will see that there is a lot happening. Such as the targeting of not only China… but a focus on the traditional markets…. niche marketing is also a big focus and opportunity for the industry. It’s all being openly disucssed at industry workshops…. why not attend one and hear it for yourselves…. Let’s be passionate people… be positive and work together!

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