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Comment on A powerhouse of endeavour with a very human face by Phil Selman.

It’s so pleasing to see something positive being said about Alice Springs Hospital. In 2008/09 I had the pleasure of working in the theatres as a Scrub / scout Nurse for 12 months. I’d had no previous theatre experience and they trained me. I worked with Dr Bandula Palapitege and his colleagues in all facets of surgery (I quite agree it was often like a theatre of war in the injuries we treated) and at all times everyone was nothing but professional. It set me in good stead for returning to the big smoke after 12 months. It was fantastic to work with the league of nations, it broadened your horizons and knowledge no end. My only critcism is that after 12 months the hospital evicted you from the subsidised staff quarters and threw you out into the big bad expensive world known as Alice Springs Rentals. That’s the trouble with nursing, you can live in a town, earn a $1000 and pay $300 a week rent or you can live in town like Alice (no pun intended) earn a $1000 and pay $600 of that in rent, you get no more pay wherever you work whilst other services like Police get subsidised heavily, I believe to the point where your mortgage is paid if you buy in Alice.
I trust you will recover quickly, keep up the physio and listen to your Doctors and Nurses.

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Government transparency? Don’t ask.
Alice Springs needs Blatherskite Park for the Nomads that don’t require the expensive facilities of the caravan parks.
I don’t require power, mains water, swimming pools, camp kitchens, jumping pillows, and to be parked on top of the van next door.
I have a 27ft caravan with two dogs and literally can’t fit into the sites now offered by the pet friendly parks.
There are thousands like me who if not offered basic facilities that are value for money just won’t stop in Alice Springs and businesses other than the greedy Heehnans and Co will suffer.
Look at Rockhampton Queensland.
They stopped their show ground camping and their “48hr free camp” and travellers just bypassed the city. The council are the people, they are not individuals, they should be making decisions for all the town businesses but just the “squeaky wheel” wingers.

Second Barkly child tragedy highlights need for urgent action
To everyone who criticises my stance on alcohol and other drugs, especially those who mention the jobs involved in supplying such: We are talking about child abuse and rape, murder and critical injuries here, not you mention foetal alcohol syndrome. You people are up there with America’s National Rifle Association.

Second Barkly child tragedy highlights need for urgent action
Michael Dean, I don’t necessarily disagree with you about it being simplistic but alcohol is the root of all this evil and that’s my suggestion.
With respect, what’s your answer? If you just remove it from the Indigenous you’re branded a racist (even though my father is a Murri Man).

Second Barkly child tragedy highlights need for urgent action
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. The majority of the NT’s problems whether black or white are based on alcohol.
Let’s draw a line in the sand and just ban alcohol in the Territory.
I’m not a prude, I don’t mind a social drink but I’d be prepared to not consume for the greater good. It’s the only thing that will start the healing from a disease handed down over generations.

Liz Martin says goodbye and good luck
I don’t wish to speak ill of anyone and the museum is/was an amazing place to visit but let’s talk about the elephant in the room “long term poor corporate governance”.
Saying the accountants lost the books is like saying the dog ate the homework.
I really hope this whole mess gets turned around fur Australia’s sake, let alone Alice Springs’s sake. The facility itself is iconic.

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