Very revealing, thanks Kieran. I wonder how many of these …

Comment on Shires: either revenue must go up or expectations, down by FMark.

Very revealing, thanks Kieran. I wonder how many of these roads go to the communities the “growth towns” are supposed to service? And thanks also for linking to the Deloitte report – its little things like this that make the online version of the news a big improvement over the deadtree edition.

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Alice Springs News defamation case needs to be put into context, says prominent author
I just heard the news about the defamation case. I’m most sorry to hear that the News has been dealt such a disproportionate punishment for such a minor offence. I truly hope the owners’ personal finances are firewalled from the effects of this case. It is indeed a sign of the times that the petty interests of real estate agents are allowed to triumph over the public interest.
Though I do not always agree with the opinions published in its pages, I hold the Alice Springs News in the highest esteem and only hope that you will be able to continue publishing. The News has provided an invaluable public service to the town and region for the seven years that I have been reading, and indubitably for longer. May it continue to do so.

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