Ha! We spent four months visiting the town camps holding …

Comment on Send in the taskforce: councillor by kevin mudford.

Ha! We spent four months visiting the town camps holding church meetings. We witnessed all the problems that are always in the newspapers. Until you have 24 hour security on the gates you will never stop the grog problems. It’s a joke.

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Tangentyere ‘cell visitors scheme’ may have prevented death
The reason any one dies from being in the police station is because they chose to keep drinking. I was the same. I gave up drinking 31 years ago and have not been locked up since. All this other stuff is utter bull. Booze is a drug and the only person who can change that problem is yourself. If you want to change, it’s up to you.

The elusive ‘Port Augusta model’
Ha, alcohol is a drug and it’s all the same old same old comments. I’m a recovered drunk I gave up grog 31 years ago and solved all my stuff the second I put the cork back in the bottle, that is the only cure for Alice’s grog problem. Make Alice a dry town, then there is not going to be a drink problem. Stop fooling your self while you still sell grog. Nothing will ever change. Get a life. Kiwi Kevin.

A quarter of tiny works Budget goes to expand gaol
Ha. The big problem not being addressed here is alcohol rehabs. None around.

Memo Club suspends trading, goes into voluntary administration. Town & Country to close tomorrow.
Alcohol is a drug it does not matter who drinks it. You would have to make Alice Springs a completely dry town up to say 10km to the outskirts to solve the problem of the town drunks. You would have to have a lot of police on every corner. The Aboriginals are the alcoholics that are doing the damage. It’s not new so lead by example. Practice what you preach, get in an get your hands dirty go an talk to these people. I do an I have not touched grog in 31 years. God bless. Kiwi Kevin.

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