Julia, I’m curious as one of the yanks that we …

Comment on $20m gated community proposed for Pine Gap staff by Leigh.

Julia, I’m curious as one of the yanks that we are supposedly “putting up with,” what is your problem with providing upgraded housing for the families that come here?
Building 40 additional properties to house families creates jobs for local tradies and supports the town’s largest employer. If Pine Gap were to close and/or the Yanks to leave, I venture this town would suffer more. Is it just the term “gated” that is bugging you? If so, are you suggesting that all the other complexes in Alice that have gates remove theirs so they can be more inclusive? Or is it just that its the yanks doing it? They aren’t building their own schools, shops, sports teams, etc. They still integrate their families into our community and I don’t think having a few houses on one street is going to change that.

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