Tourism Central Australia has participated in the past three Alice …

Comment on What a week! by Peter Solly.

Tourism Central Australia has participated in the past three Alice Springs Shows with a display that included representation from a number of its members. After a close look at the organisations participation and the outcomes of this, TCA made the decision not to have a presence at this year’s show.
We are acutely aware of the fact that the tourism industry is hurting and numbers to the region are down. The Alice Springs show is a platform for locals, pastoralists and communities to come together and is truly a great local event. I was personally impressed with the Show as it was my first. In talking with staff prior to the event it was decided to fully staff the Visitor Information Centre as this is the key location for visitors seeking tour and town information. A decision which proved to be correct with over 1,800 visitors to town through the doors over the period of the Show.
Senior TCA staff attended the show on Friday and took time to talk with many stakeholders including local business leaders and politicians.

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