When over the years, an organisation becomes too large and …

Comment on Questions about Snowdon as Congress CEO quits by Maya Cifali.

When over the years, an organisation becomes too large and develops too many branches and programs, and sub-branches and sub-programs, the central financial control often fails to monitor the fluidity of funds from one program to the other, and possibly beyond…
CAAC’s scope is to offer an alternative primary health care to the indigenous sector of the Central Australia population. Keep it at that. Additional peripheral activities and therefore additional revenues have generated the intricacies of political pursuit of local power to the detriment of Congress’s core objective. I would suggest to simply go back to the roots and forget the frills.

Recent Comments by Maya Cifali

COVID-19 lock-up: Room service with a difference
So no balcony, no view on the Ranges, no serenading, but always looking at the bright side of life. Not a Polyanna playing just accepting that 14 days is much better than being a public danger.
That’s fantastic. Well done.
This is you personal war effort, for the greater good, as the “authorities” seem to have difficulty in observing their own regulations.
A virtual hug.

Getting the crisis psychology right
The sentence I retain from the article above is
“They are talking about hibernation of the economy as if it will simply go back to normal.
“It will not.
“We will be different people at the end of this, with different priorities, different capacities.”

To me, this means that we are to prepare ourselves, during these months of compulsory isolation, to come out different people, with different set of values, having undergone a personal metamorphosis, like butterflies after their slow transformation in a cocoon. A time to learn to do with less and become creative.
“At the other end” to be comfortable with oneself and our neighbours, happy to be alive, in a society where the economical factors have gone topsy-turvy. Wealth will have lost its value; consumerism become a game of the past; growth means trees shooting new green shoots and grand parents seeing the children of their grand children play.
A new society where security means food, shelter,good health for all, rather than 15 nuclear submarines and border protection against hypothetical invaders.
In this time of reflection, let me dream of utopia perhaps, but surely a new level of social consciousness will take place.

Virus risk: US Marines should not deploy to Darwin
Well done!
I was waiting for the time when these issues of USA defense personnel in Darwin and Alice Spring (for the JDFPG) will be raised.
Our CM did not raise it, he did not mention any “exemption” for the military, therefore I assume that his “measures” apply to all movements in and out of the NT, whether military or civilian.
Human protection come first.

CBD revitalisation no show all council’s fault?
I can only applaud the common sense displayed by an “Interested Onlooker”(ASNews 17/03). I’ve tried repeatedly over the last three years to express a simple opinion: do not try to kill 2 birds with the same stone. It is either the Mall and the CBD, urban planning and anti-social behaviour management, or an Aboriginal Art Gallery of national relevance. Finally we’ll get neither. The development of an Art Gallery (National) is a specialised topic, leave it to art experts. It goes beyond NT/Town Council politics.
Similarly Covid-19 is a public health issue, leave it to doctors and epidemiologists to tell us the best course of action, not to politicians.

Five generations together in the one room
Congratulations to the women who have shown us the way of successful integration in our multicultural (and multi-lingual)community, and my best wishes to little Gabriella. I thought that with my 2 great-grand-daughters (the latest one born 14 March in Canberra), I was not doing too badly. But Rosa (who sang with me and many other locals, on the stage of Araluen some 20 years ago) is by far a role model of strength, resilience and happiness for all women to follow.
The Italian contribution to this town by the many post-war migrants who made Alice their home should be recorded before it goes into oblivion. Kieran Finnane, perhaps an oral history project for you.

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