Bess, you are facing a daunting task but don’t become …

Comment on Can Bess Price wrest Stuart from Labor? by Bruce McRae.

Bess, you are facing a daunting task but don’t become discouraged. Draw strength from the responses of all those who reside in the electorate whether supportive or critical. Your major task is that of genuine, inclusive and transparent representation of the constituency. You have plenty to work with, including but not limited to; shire disasters, poor education outcomes, need to clarify agency relationships ie. shires, CLC, NT Government, Federal Government, Intervention plus the issues identified by Phil Walcott. What an amazing scope of challenges! My very best to you and great work by Kieran and Alice Springs News. Just remember: “Every day we are presented with exciting opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems.”

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Images from our rich history: collection is growing
Hello Barry, thanks for sharing and curating this most important historical photo essay of the early history of Central Australia.
I look forward to a visit to the library some time soon to view the results of your work.

Councillor Liz Martin resigns
All the best for your future Liz. You can be very proud of all you have achieved in Central OZ particularly on council and developing and promoting the NTHF. Time now for you to contemplate and enjoy the next challenges in your life journey. Grateful thanks from us all.

Editor injured in hit and run
Hello Erwin, my very best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. Am so sad to hear of your accident, let us hope the Police locate the hit run driver.
Get well soon, the town needs you.

Bungalow Song, the living past
Thanks Kieran, wonderful report on what must have been a spectacular production, just wish I could have attended. Hopefully there may be more photographs in circulation soon. Thank you once again and my sincere congratulations to the organisers and participants.

Leslie Oldfield, 1941-2012
RIP Dear Leslie, I value our friendship and the great working relationship we established during our Local Government days. My condolences to Alan and your family, I well remember the day of your marriage to Alan that we celebrated in the Old Timers Gardens. Be at peace dear friend, free of pain and suffering. You will always be remembered for your vision and promotion of The Alice and indeed the NT.

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