If Mt John development is anything to go by we …

Comment on Kilgariff: housing for the people or a motza for developers? by Shaun Daly.

If Mt John development is anything to go by we have a long time to wait before Kilgariff will eventuate. I have lost track of how long Mt John has dragged on for and there were huge concerns about the quality of the headworks after it apparently “leaked” when first used. At this stage the only house I can see going up belongs to a builder from a local construction company. It is seriously a joke the length of time for available affordable land in this town. Darwin can’t see past the gas project going on up there and doesn’t really give a toss as the population figures show for Alice (remained pretty much stagnant). It feels like they don’t want this town to prosper and grow. Then they wonder why people are leaving … things that make you go mmmmm

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Minister confirms: only 30 blocks for Kilgariff stage one
I’ll believe it when I see it with my own eyes … we all know how long Mt Johns took to eventuate.
It’s like the NTG doesn’t want Alice Springs to grow. The possibilities of growth around town are many but we are always stifled by the government when it comes to population growth.
We need more than a lousy 30 blocks, which will disappear in an afternoon, like when they finally released the Mt John blocks.
Pity that a large portion of these were then handed back in as they were not ready in the time frame provided on the contract.
Here we go again.

Pedestrians ignore new $300,000 crossing at The Gap
Money could have been spent on fixing the wonderful intersection at Lovegrove and Larapinta Drives. That was an even bigger waste of money. Everyone in town could have told you the crossing would not get used. Another brilliant Federal Government idea. Just copy Adelaide and put an overpass across to Heavitree Gap, that’ll fix it.

Kilgariff suburb still a work in progress
Here we go again. How long was it for Mt Johns to get up and running after all the fiasco with the headworks and the related indigenous company going bust? The Government and the developers are making a killing. It’s a joke. With the cost of building an average house in Alice ridiculously high you need to get a block for $100,000. Ain’t gonna happen. At the bare minimum they could be $200,000, plus the house and you are well over $600,000. What family using home start will be able to afford that. Have a look at the new builds in Mt Johns, most of them are all builders because they are the only ones who can afford the prices and once they have put their two cents worth on top of the price look out $700-800,000 or more, here we come. Wonder why people are leaving town and heading south when you buy a house and land package with a new 4 bed 2 bath for half the price. It is even cheaper now to fly a tradie up from Adelaide, get him to do the work, and fly back than have someone in town do it. That’s how crazy it is. They want people to come to town then make it more affordable for them to come here.

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