Bev, you make a point, misguided as it is. But …

Comment on Thanks for more ‘us and them’, Ms Macklin and Mr Snowdon by Daz.

Bev, you make a point, misguided as it is. But these are the laws that govern this country and as funny as it seems, they are for everyone. It seems to be that the only laws that seem make sense to you, are the ones that keep a race of people below yourself, locked up, uneducated and hopeless. Give us a break. Considering we were only flora and fauna half a century ago – I think it is about time. Or should we flip the script and take your homes, language, kids and culture and expect you to live with dignity?

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Council suspends its collection scheme and activists ‘disable’ Coca Cola machines as NT loses container deposit court case
Well, I’ve just bought my last bottle of Coke ever! Up your’s Coke!!

Coniston: survivors & descendants recall massacre in new film
Honestly Bev – your sad little self preservationist comments are deplorable. Let’s NOT put it in perspective, because you cannot justify “MURDER, RAPE and HATRED”, but obviously you have. Let’s just all put it down to blacks wanting tobacco for free hey!! Sad, Sad, Sad. Waiting for your self preserving reply Bev!!

Tourist complains about LPG Autogas price: town lobbies don’t seem to give a hoot
Well said Erwin, but I am expecting that the response you may get from from owners is the time honoured “transport costs, remoteness blah, blah, blah”. Makes me wonder sometimes why I came back? Wasn’t for the price of fuel though – could have done without that!

Half shot or full drunk?
Sad isn’t it. Even sadder still – the fact that most, if not all who live here, know this is not an isolated incident. If it was not for one of the participants being an AFL player we may not of even heard about it.

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