Decision expected today whether Liam Jurrah will stand trial in supreme court


Report #6. Posted 11.45am July 25.


Magistrate David Bamber has adjourned to consider the evidence in the committal hearing of football star Liam Jurrah, Christopher Walker and Josiah Fry.
The prosecution has conceded that there is insufficient evidence of assault against Murray Woods and has dropped that count from the charges.
Tania Collins, representing Mr Walker, has indicated that he will plead guilty to the charge of assault causing serious harm to Basil Jurrah.
Jon Tippett QC, representing Liam Jurrah, has conceded that there is some evidence against his client regarding the assault on Basil Jurrah, but submitted that otherwise his client was only in the general vicinity of other assaults.
However, prosecutor Steve Robson has submitted that all three accused can answer charges on the basis of having formed a common purpose, or of aiding and abetting.
Mr Bamber’s decision is expected shortly on whether the accused will stand trial in the supreme court.

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