Thanks to Rowan Foley and Evelyne Roullet, media representatives, constituents …

Comment on Greatorex forum: where was the fourth candidate? And where were the voters? by Phil Walcott.

Thanks to Rowan Foley and Evelyne Roullet, media representatives, constituents and Kay Eade who were able to make the forum. Each Greatorex candidate was invited and given the opportunity to “face the people”. After all, this is essentially a job interview and the people of the electorate are the selection panel. The Greatorex constituents will employ one of us on 25th August to represent them over the next four years. If a candidate for a job interview chooses not to show up, do they deserve the job?
As the only Independent candidate (currently) in Greatorex, I’m seeking to represent the people in the 12th Assembly; not the whims, rhetoric and protocols of party political machines that appear more concerned with winning political elections and “power” than leading the Territory forward.

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Country, people, cultures come together to heal a sick man
So many thanks for your wonderful tribute to Dave Nixon, Kieran.

It’s been my great pleasure and honour to have known Dave over many of the 26 years I’ve been here in Alice. His passion for life and joy is evidenced in all that he achieves. He epitomises what it is to be creative and generous in spirit and time. His love for this country and his passion for story-telling are so enmeshed in his very nature.

Along with his many friends and loving family, I too wish to acknowledge and pay tribute to Dave for all I have learned from him and all that he has contributed to my life journey. For that, I will be eternally grateful.

Online hate speech by leading tourism figure Check it out. There are answers. We just have to be brave enough to explore them.

‘Gunner the Betrayer’
@ Braedon: Sandra indicated last year (or before) that she will not be re-contesting Katherine in the 2020 Legislative Assembly elections.

Society stops crime, not the police
“We Deserve Better.” Sound familiar?

Jacinta Price: 4 year commitment lasted 18 months
Prediction: If Jacinta is not successful in winning Lingiari in four weeks and Josh Burgoyne doesn’t win the second Senate seat (which won’t happen because the Senate roles are ‘fixed’ at one CLP: one NTALP), they’ll both contest the August 2020 NT Legislative Assembly in Braitling (Jacinta) and Araluen (Josh).
Your thoughts?

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