“In response to Jane Clark’s and Maureen’s comments. This was …

Comment on Greatorex forum: where was the fourth candidate? And where were the voters? by Garry Hamton.

“In response to Jane Clark’s and Maureen’s comments.
This was hardly a representation of Greatorex. 12 people turned up for goodness ask and almost half of those were media. If anything is a waste of time Maureen it was Phil Walcott’s Greatorex Gathering. As for Jane Clarke, here we have a twice failed candidate and appallingly shallow and counter productive Alderman now singing the praises of a right wing MLA. The very man she actually ran against in the 2008 election no less. Give me strength!
I think this is more about Clark unable to stand the fact that Conlan is still there standing strong while she has withered away into insignificance. Talk about sour grapes!
As for the Waves Matt, please keep it up my kids love it and beg me to drive past you each day so they can wave and cheer.

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