@ Anonymous Ray, who bravely chooses not to identify himself …

Comment on Greatorex forum: where was the fourth candidate? And where were the voters? by Ian Sharp.

@ Anonymous Ray, who bravely chooses not to identify himself yet wants to have his say: Your recollections of Matt Conlan and his Radio show at 8HA differ to mine … bit gobsmacked by your high opinion of him. And I don’t think I am alone … here is what Erwin wrote in Aug 2007 when Conlan won the by-election :
“The CLP held Greatorex in last week’s by-election with much the same vote – just over 53.5% of primary votes – but the ALP slipped to 16.5%, with independent Paul Herrick landing in second place, attracting 20.3%.
“The by-election marked a new low in politics, with the CLP’s Matt Conlan, when challenged by media, failing to back away from a racist diatribe he broadcast on Radio 8HA where he had worked variously as a talk show host and reader of advertising.”
Racist diatribe, well in keeping with a long standing thread in the CLP tradition. Jodeen Carney and now Terry Mills (and Adam Giles too I think) have tried to re-invent the CLP. I hope some of this has rubbed off on your mate.

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