My two cents to all this: Quoted from NT Government Website …

Comment on Will Alice become a fly-in, fly-out town? Only 71 new family type homes in 5 years by Kevin.

My two cents to all this:
Quoted from NT Government Website
“Shared equity loan
“A shared equity loan allows you to own between 50% and 99% share of a property, based on how much you can afford to borrow. The Territory Government will own the rest of the home, up to 50% or $200 000 (whichever is less), and provides their share to you rent and interest free.”
Does this sound too good to be true, well it seems that it just might be at least for people in Alice Springs. A family on close to 70k per year gross income contacted the TIO and was told on that income they could buy a house in Alice Springs up to the value of $280k. Thats a 50/50 share of $280,000.
On searching the web for houses on sale in Alice Springs it was found that most houses start at around $350k – $400k
Quote from Website: “This new HOMESTART EXTRA package delivers more affordable housing options for low and middle income Territorians.”
Well not it seems for this family it doesn’t. I wonder who the government is talking about when they talk about Low to Middle income Territorians.

Recent Comments by Kevin

Federal media laws: Will we become a dictatorship?
Self Regulation:
A rule or directive made and maintained by an authority:
Remember back when media would do research, find out the facts, and print un-sensationalized reports, not rating grabbing, that staff of that media would check and correct and that people would watch and read and believe.
Not like now with loads of sensationalized bull that the lambs of this country watch and read and believe to be fact.
Regulation of media is a way to keep the people that do not do the work under control, we need this.
More independent media is also called for, too much these days is left in the hands of large media.
It would be nice to be worth watching the news again.
Might even go as far as buying a newspaper, but I doubt it!

Council suspends its collection scheme and activists ‘disable’ Coca Cola machines as NT loses container deposit court case
Stop buying their products, email the company telling them you have stopped buying and why.
Coke has always been over priced anyway.
How do you explain to kids that have been collecting for months for that little extra pocket money.
I for one will not be buying any more Coke products.
Love the idea of putting out of order signs on coke dispenser machines.

Grog stats may be useless as they do not include online and mail orders
What an excellent idea, never thought of mail ordering my booze!
Wonder if the interstate suppliers will be as much of a pain as it is in this town to buy booze and insist on seeing my license.
Might be easier to by pass local suppliers and order in!

Alice Prize: what will catch the eye of the unpackers?
Have seen lots of images for this year’s Alice Prize and there are loads of interesting works. Really looking forward to seeing them in person at the Araluen Arts Centre!
Well done the Alice Springs Art Foundation.

Alice Springs News loses defamation case
Sorry to hear you lost against the big guys, but that’s the way the world turns around: The ones who have money nearly always win over the ones who do not.
At least you had a go – unlike papers who are so scared of their own shadow and to whom the advertising dollar is what’s important.
Some locals may knock the Alice Springs News, but I say “no business is perfect” – least of all newspapers that rely on what other people have to say, to fill up the space between the adverts.

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