Ian Sharp or “Sharpie” as he is known is diminishing …

Comment on Mandatory sentencing or not, that is the question by Simon Walker.

Ian Sharp or “Sharpie” as he is known is diminishing all the people of Alice Springs who don’t vote for Labor (about 75% at last count). Accusing them of falling for some “self serving Laura Norder Opportunists.” As if to suggest they don’t have a brain to think for themselves. As if to suggest that the CLP can work such wizardry that no matter what policies they put forward, people will follow them without question. This is the very reason Labor have failed for nearly four decades in Alice. Then CLP don’t need to wedge Labor to gain votes. And who are the blow-ins you talk about? Conlan? Giles? Lambley? Well how about Rock? Findlay? Foley? “Sharpie” why don’t you put your opinions where your mouth is and run for Parliament? … Didn’t think so!
As for Your good mate Jodeen Carney, well she quit and left the Territory! She was never cut out to lead the CLP.

Simon Walker Also Commented

Mandatory sentencing or not, that is the question
What a joke the reporting by the Alice Springs News is. Always looking to make nothing into the next Watergate.
I was at the forum last night and it was absolutely clear that the question regarding mandatory sentencing was in relation the previous regime in place under the CLP before their election defeat in 2001. A policy that included children in the capture all policy. The room was left with no illusions that what Giles and Conlan were talking about was a revisit to the old policy. If your reporters failed to pick up on that then I suggest changing jobs. Mandatory sentences already exists in the Territory for a range of crimes such as homicide and repeated violent assaults.
In any case the previous mandatory sentencing policy applied to minor property crimes which in some cases incurred a jail sentence of three weeks. This is what Giles and Conlan were referring to and this was the thrust of the question. But I guess that is just a little too straight forward for an online diatribe like the Alice Springs News publish.

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