I was overseas recently and when I told other overseas …

Comment on Alice singled out in German Foreign Office travel warning by Douglas Pearce.

I was overseas recently and when I told other overseas travelers that I was from Alice Springs they replied: “Oh, that’s the place where the local aboriginals are drunk in the middle of town and are always fighting each other. We didn’t like it and have told all our friends not to go there.”
No wonder the local tourist industry is struggling.

Recent Comments by Douglas Pearce

Power struggle on Town Council: a sign of things to come?
Wake up to yourselves Crs. Booth, Melky, Douglas and Brown. The Alice Springs residents rejected your push to become Mayor but elected you to serve as aldermen. They expect you to “serve”, not play childish games. If you are not prepared to shoulder your fair share of the workload, get off council now and let those who are have a go.

Port Augusta’s Mayor: When softly-softly diplomacy isn’t enough to get a town out of the morass
Please, please, please can we have her?

Memo Club suspends trading, goes into voluntary administration. Town & Country to close tomorrow.
As a resident of over 40 years I am now starting to say – “is it time to go?”.
Alice now has many problems, which although not new, have got so far out of control that I fear we will never overcome them. Here are just a few:
1. Young, aggressive, unemployed youth roaming the streets causing untold mayhem.
2. Excessive residential rents leaving the average renter with little or no disposal income to spend in the towns social venues. Ditto mortgage payments.
3. Hordes of itinerant drunks coming to Alice from outlying communities because Alice is a “party town”. (Just go and sit in the magistrate’s court for a day and listen to the excuses given up for drunken behaviour and property damage).
4. Local clubs such as the Gillen Club, Memo Club and Club Eastside having their members pump inordinate amounts of money into their poker machines. Is it little wonder that turnover is down as eventually pokie players will simply run out of money and will not be able to afford any of the club’s other facilities.
5. Courts imposing “slap on the wrist” sentences for assaults and property damage. What about a boot camp out bush to teach young thugs a bit about respect?
6. No affordable residential land for our young people to get a foot in the door and build their futures. Most leave town and never come back.
7. A government centered in Darwin with little or no interest in Alice Springs as they have come to the conclusion that they can stay in government by simply winning the votes in Darwin’s northern suburbs. The Berrimah Line is now an impenetrable brick wall.
8. The European Debt crisis and the high Australian Dollar have seriously impacted on our ability to attract overseas tourists. Let’s then concentrate on the domestic market until things improve.
9. A weak and ineffective Town Council who are more interested in raising revenue from parking fines, graffiti victims, and property developers, and seeing who can shout the loudest at Council meetings, than getting out and doing something to beautify the town and promoting its benefits and features. Can we hire Port Augusta’s terrific lady mayor for a year or so?
10. A stupid and ineffective Liquor Commission who continue to come up with lame brain solutions to our drinking problems which do nothing more than inconvenience law abiding residents and tourists.
I could go on and on but all I am doing is making myself more depressed. Think I’ll have a stiff drink (hang on, what time is it?)

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