Crikey, the only positive thing to say about Steve Brown’s …

Comment on Convincing win for Country Liberals: ALP likely to lose its only seat in The Centre by Ian Sharp.

Crikey, the only positive thing to say about Steve Brown’s latest comment is that he put his name to it. Let us generously assume he is on a high over the CLP victory and will calm down over time. Let us also hope Terry Mills will take him at face value, what you see is what you get. The new Government deserves a good go, they face the eternal problem of scarcity of resources, over-promising, unreal expectations in the electorate, the last thing they need is Steve Brown in full flight. Will be fun to watch though.

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Convincing win for Country Liberals: ALP likely to lose its only seat in The Centre
Sorry Michael Liddle, I was trying be ironic after reading Anonymous Mark’s post. But I did see a rainbow bee-eater!

Convincing win for Country Liberals: ALP likely to lose its only seat in The Centre
Yes, Anonymous Mark, the sky is blue again, rainbow bee-eaters have appeared, people are perambulating on the streets again, walking their dogs, smiling at passers-by, greeting neighbours, security fences are coming down. There is a new atmosphere in the town.

Convincing win for Country Liberals: ALP likely to lose its only seat in The Centre
The electorate has spoken, congratulations to Terry Mills, not so long ago he was just one of four CLP members in NT Parliament. Good thing about this election is that it WASN’T decided in the northern suburbs of Darwin. Big implications for NT politics and allocation of government spending.
Will be interesting to watch the new government in action. Some hand grenades about for Terry to think about. Final word: Like John Elferink’s comment on ABC TV last night. This is how to change a government, not like they are attempting it in Syria. We should celebrate the fact that we can change governments lawfully and peacefully, without any fears of election rigging, bribery or violence.

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Conservative vote: Territory Alliance up, CLP down in Johnston
Joel is not an academic, he’s been a student getting qualifications to increase his knowledge.
Academics work in tertiary institutions, teach and do research.
As well as having been a footballer at the highest level he has been a small business owner.
He grew up in The NT, and lived at Ernabella for a time with his family.
He married his childhood sweetheart, an Alice Springs girl.
Not a bad resume for an NT politician.
Better than many who have served in the NT Parliament over the years. We have had too many blow-ins on the make, the last one was the Chief Minister who oversaw the Port of Darwin lease to a Chinese company.
Joel, a Territory boy, been away, made good, back to help the NT grow in away that all benefit. More power to him.

Epistle from the inferno
Crikey, Charlie, what a harrowing time for you both. Hope things on the improve, may the rain and Todd flowing sooth you a little. Best wishes.

War on Iran must be prevented
Great comments, Kieran, spot on. The only thing Matthew had going for him was the courage not to hide behind a pseudonym. And Jonathon Pilbrow is right, we must learn the lessons from the Iraq folly. If we had a time machine we would certainly go back and make different choices. I applaud Jonathon and his group for reminding us of the risks we take in blindly following the US into conflicts where there is no prospect of a positive outcome. For anybody.

Real young people, not the faceless offender
A great read Rainer, thoughtful insights, thank you.

Aggravated assault in Alice hospital
@ Surprised! “It has been allowed to become sensitive. People are way too sensitive these days.”
It has become sensitive to some because people have deliberately used it to cause offence, likening coloured people to monkeys.
Heard it myself used in that ways by teenagers in Alice schools. As for people being too sensitive, well that’s a matter of opinion.
Perhaps people are less prepared to put up and shut up these days.
On a whole range of things. Like domestic violence, widely accepted when I was a kid, cops did not take it seriously.
Or groping in the workplace.
Or using words like nigger or coon, people call that out these days.
Toowoomba’s Nigger Brown stand, no longer? Golliwogs? Too sensitive? Perhaps.
Or social progress. Depends on the context, and how it was taken, not how it was intended.
IMHO Alice Springs is a place where it is unhelpful to be insensitive if we want things to improve over time.

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