That’s fine, Erwin … and thanks for noting. I guess …

Comment on Convincing win for Country Liberals: ALP likely to lose its only seat in The Centre by Phil Walcott.

That’s fine, Erwin … and thanks for noting. I guess you could amend the story to reflect candidate’s presence along with his campaign supporter! lol

Phil Walcott Also Commented

Convincing win for Country Liberals: ALP likely to lose its only seat in The Centre
On your picture, Erwin … The Independent candidate for Greatorex was there too! lol
[ED – Absolutely! We should have acknowledged you. Sorry!]

Recent Comments by Phil Walcott

The Territory is too big for them to grasp
Thanks for your insightful position, Bob Beadman.
When the Bill is debated next month in the Federal Parliament, I can only hope that commonsense prevails. The Northern Territory is clearly a diverse jurisdiction with a huge land mass and broadly positioned communities. It deserves to be more fairly represented on the national stage to take that reality into account.
Our infrastructure was never adequately resourced by the Fraser government when we achieved self-government status in 1978 and we’ve been struggling to keep up ever since.
To throw us back to a time where we had only one voice in the Lower House cannot be allowed to happen. No one voice can claim to be a true representation of the broader cultural, environmental, economic and social landscape that we are.
We are first rate Australian citizens not second rate castaways. We continue to deserve better.

Mills blasts Gunner over Speaker’s conduct
Let’s face it, this is the outcome of wounds that have been festering continually since Terry Mills appointed Robyn Lambley against his stated position as Deputy Chief Minister in lieu of Kezia Purick eight years ago.
It’s been all about petty payback that got out of hand. Unfortunately, truth, integrity and democracy lost out. Ego, lies, intimidation and self-interest won. What about the people and the jurisdiction? What happened to them?
So sad that the potential success of our NT as a leading social and fiscal economy nationally has been compromised by these players along with Giles, Tollner et. al. in the 12th Parliament and before.
No wonder people don’t trust politicians. Many of them will say and do whatever it takes to be elected then fail to deliver on their promises once they’re there.
Whilst I didn’t agree with Gerry Wood on some aspects of his political perspective, I admire his honesty and integrity. Shame we’ll be missing that in the 14th Northern Territory Parliament.
The toxic environment on all five floors of the NT Parliament is palpable. My 2016 election mantra of We Deserve Better remains true.

Territory Alliance to ‘lock the gate’ on fracking
The mad monk promised “no cuts to the ABC” … meanwhile $84m later!
No wonder people don’t trust what politicians promise.

Independent Kim Hopper has succinct policies for Braitling
A refreshing and positive approach to our NT political landscape. A dynamic, proactive position that clearly enunciates her priorities, Kim Hopper’s Independent candidacy will prove interesting to observe.
With her passion for people elevated above the usual argy-bargy of mostly ego-driven, point-scoring political party politics, it’s enlightening to see such a focus being manifested.
As the NT and her people grow forward into this different era of being, we’re ready to embrace new approaches to old issues.
Kim’s stated priorities in this campaign have the essence of our whole community at heart. She is wished well in her endeavours.

CLP would build gallery at Desert Park, not Anzac precinct
The national Aboriginal art gallery needs to be built at Desert Knowledge Precinct in line with the request of traditional owners. The national Aboriginal cultural centre can also be built. Desert People’s Centre is already there. Plenty of parking, great cafe already on-site.

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