Congratulations to all in the Alice who have endured to …

Comment on Convincing win for Country Liberals: ALP likely to lose its only seat in The Centre by Mark.

Congratulations to all in the Alice who have endured to see this outcome. I am sure I can see for all of us “ex” Alice residents that I hope the town returns to its rightful presence on the international stage as a truly magnificent place to visit and live.
Well done!

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It is an interesting article and in reading the comments below I to am saddened by the state of affairs in Alice these days. I lived in Alice for 18 years and my children were born and raised there. I to have a strong emotional tie to the town for its many wonderful traits, experiences it provided us and the friendships it gave.
After leaving a few years ago we realised that in fact we did turn a blind eye to the anti-social aspect of the town (I note though this is not indifferent to many other locations throughout this great country). Everywhere has its positives and negatives – it is how we look at them and where we are in life’s journey to how we deal with them.
For us, life’s journey took us away from a town that will be in our memory as a wonderful place and I truly hope that the anti-social issues that plague Alice can some how be managed in a way that will help get the town back to the mantle it had back in the late 80s early 90s, as a place where anyone who went to visit wanted to stay.

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