LETTER: Sports tourism is money in the hand!

Sir,- Alice Springs has a wonderful sporting culture, excellent sports venues and great sporting organisations. Let’s bring all those elements together and create “Sports Tourism”.

This will put money in the hands of sporting bodies in the Alice while at the same time boost our economy, it will be a win win.
Let’s promote Alice Springs as the ideal venue to host national sporting tournaments where the focus is on attracting sports with a strong participation level.

Local sporting clubs who are part of national bodies and hold national tournaments would be ideal to work with.
Alice Springs’ geographical advantage being in the centre of Australia, gives it an added distinct edge on other locations. It makes logistical and economical sense to host national tournaments here in the Alice.
A partnership between sporting organisations and local business should be developed to ensure this venture has a sustainable future.

This could lead to establishing a performance based sponsorship agreement between sporting clubs and local business.
We have everything we need in the town for a sports tourism venture, there are great organisers who run local sports clubs. If the visiting sports have a nice experience, then they will tell all their friends back home and word of mouth will start us back on the right track.
Councillor Eli Melky

0427 012 699


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Erwin Chlanda, Editor

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  1. Trevor Shiell
    Posted August 30, 2012 at 7:32 pm

    Spot on! A few years ago I witnessed in Japan a marathon relay for senior school students from all over the country. From memory it consisted of 10 legs of 10 km through I think, Nagoya, and attracted a national TV audience of some 80 million viewers. Now think of such an event from say Glen Helen to Alice open to all secondary schools in Australia, and Rob De Costello’s Indigenous marathon project, and you have a boomer and millions of $ worth of free advertising. Problem: Up until now, too much blinkered tunnel vision in the tourism industry.

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