Interesting article. However, Mr Ryan’s home community is Kalkarangi / …

Comment on Black power: voices from the bush have made themselves heard by Jay.

Interesting article. However, Mr Ryan’s home community is Kalkarangi / Daguragu not Lajamanu.

[ED – Thanks for the correction. My bad. The article has been amended. Kieran Finnane.]

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Bush funding: what does the one hand know about the other?
Where is the actual framework set out?
I can find a fact sheet and a questions and answers document but no framework document.

Council suspends its collection scheme and activists ‘disable’ Coca Cola machines as NT loses container deposit court case
Schweppes and Lion Pty Ltd also fought this case alongside Coca Cola Amatil – don’t let them off the hook!

Sister’s government to turf out brother’s council?
Paul, the MacDonnell Shire Agenda for the meeting tomorrow records that “we were advised that NT Health had taken a lease over lot 224”. This means that NT Health do have a lease from Haasts Bluff Land Trust.

LETTER: Indigenous homelands funding cautiously welcomed
Never mind that in the lead up to the election Alison Anderson and the CLP promised $125 million over 10 years which would translate to $50 million over 4 years.

“[We’ve committed] $125 million over 10 years … that’s a real commitment to homelands where people are connected by law and culture and identity,” she says.

Indigenous adults must ‘grow up’ so that Indigenous children can depend on them, says Alison Anderson
See also the subsequent Senate Inquiry:

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